Because that happened…

Because my post titled That happened! seemed to please many readers, let me tell you about another time when I was definitely not at my best.

If you didn’t see my earlier post That happened!, you should check it out.  It’s a quick fun read.

So here it is!

Jonathan and I rarely go out together.

I know, that sounds sad but we have different tastes on many things so it’s easier to plan things to do separately and that way we both get to go out at different times and we don’t need to arrange for someone to be with Emily.

Once in a while, we plan a date night and we are lucky that Emily can spend the night with her Nana (Jon’s mom).

It normally ends with us taking a cab home because we drank a little too much.

On Jonathan’s birthday, we planned to go out with friends.  Knowing that I had to go get Emily early on Saturday morning to take her to cheer practice at 9am, I was reasonable and only had a couple of drinks over the many hours we were out.

On Saturday morning, I got up on time.

I got dressed, packed Emily’s cheer bag and left the house.

I mapped the road in my head so I could treat myself to a decadent Starbucks Caramel Macchiato on the way to pick Emily up. 

After getting my coffee, I got to the street light and had a feeling I was supposed to turn right than got to my senses and went left.

I got back on the highway and took the appropriate exit to go to …


Yes, on the way to pick Emily up to get her to her cheer practice, I forgot to pick her up!

I was almost at the gym when I realized she wasn’t with me!  Than it hit me… that’s why I was supposed to turn right at the light!

I turned around and went to get her.


Emily thought it was really funny that I went to the gym without her.

Am I the only one doing things like that?


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Autumn Bucket list – Week 1 update

Exactly a week ago, I sat down and wrote my first ever bucket list.

To celebrate my favorite season and my 40th year, I wrote down a lit of 40 items I want to do before end of day on December 21st.

You can find my post here: Autumn Bucket list

The last 2 items on my list are:

39. Document my bucket list with pictures

40. Blog about my progress weekly

So this is my first update…  what could we have possibly done in 1 week!


#35 – Drink a pumpkin spice latte – this was my first PSL and it will be my last.  I couldn’t finish it… this is not my thing, I will keep drinking lattes…


#32 – Perform a random act of kindness – when I bought this Pumpkin Spice latte, I bought my colleagues their favorites too…  Just because 

#21 – Make binders for Emily’s cheer coaches – I believe I have mentioned before that Emily has joined a cheer club, they have a team for athletes of various abilities and I wanted to give our amazing coaches some tools to help them understands and work with their growing team.


#9. Buy our favorite Halloween candies and keep them for us…  I believe I will have to buy more as the box is already open!


#5. Go to the drive-in one last time.  Emily was so excited to see Hotel Transylvania 2.  And the good thing this time of year?  Movie started at 8:30pm instead of 10pm


#2. Visit a pumpkin patch and pick 3 pumpkins.  This was interesting!  It was family outing / physiotherapy appointment…  Emily’s mobility is much better than anything the doctors thought she would achieve but a pumpkin patch…  I never thought about how the ground would be uneven and covered in vines…  We managed, I helped Emily and we found our way around a huge field of pumpkins to find our perfect “future minions”

IMG_4003 IMG_4009 IMG_4056 IMG_8501

#7. Hop on a hay ride – There was no hay on the ride but a wagon pulled by a tractor has to qualify!

IMG_4018 IMG_4022

So, here it is, week 1.

I’ve also picked my future hair color, saw the blood moon and tried to photographed it, Emily is almost ready for Halloween, we bought the paint to tackle our pumpkin art project and bought supplies for treat bags & cupcakes…

I am so ready to continue tackling this list!

What about you?  Do you have a bucket list?