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Because that happened…

Because my post titled That happened! seemed to please many readers, let me tell you about another time when I was definitely not at my best.

If you didn’t see my earlier post That happened!, you should check it out.  It’s a quick fun read.

So here it is!

Jonathan and I rarely go out together.

I know, that sounds sad but we have different tastes on many things so it’s easier to plan things to do separately and that way we both get to go out at different times and we don’t need to arrange for someone to be with Emily.

Once in a while, we plan a date night and we are lucky that Emily can spend the night with her Nana (Jon’s mom).

It normally ends with us taking a cab home because we drank a little too much.

On Jonathan’s birthday, we planned to go out with friends.  Knowing that I had to go get Emily early on Saturday morning to take her to cheer practice at 9am, I was reasonable and only had a couple of drinks over the many hours we were out.

On Saturday morning, I got up on time.

I got dressed, packed Emily’s cheer bag and left the house.

I mapped the road in my head so I could treat myself to a decadent Starbucks Caramel Macchiato on the way to pick Emily up. 

After getting my coffee, I got to the street light and had a feeling I was supposed to turn right than got to my senses and went left.

I got back on the highway and took the appropriate exit to go to …


Yes, on the way to pick Emily up to get her to her cheer practice, I forgot to pick her up!

I was almost at the gym when I realized she wasn’t with me!  Than it hit me… that’s why I was supposed to turn right at the light!

I turned around and went to get her.


Emily thought it was really funny that I went to the gym without her.

Am I the only one doing things like that?


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8 thoughts on “Because that happened…

  1. Not long after my father passed away, my mum would take me to work then passed our turn-off! She realised she’d gone past so she turned around. On the way back, she did it again but realised this happened after she got to the truck parking area 2.5km down the highway

  2. You are definitely not alone πŸ™‚ it is those heads full of ” things to do” that are the culprit ! It makes for good story telling ….

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