Cheer sisters! Β Letter to Calysta

Since the day Emily was born, I have been responsible for her. 

“Normally” parents guide and help their little ones learn and grow than slowly watch them fly on their own. 

In our world the guiding and helping will most likely be a life long task of mine and I am at peace with that.   

It’s almost automatic now for me to ask clarifying questions and reach out to understand what’s expected of Emily so I can familiarize myself with it than help Emily learn, understand, practice or whatever else it is she needs to do. 

This past year I failed to ask questions and understand what “cheer sisters” meant. 😒

At Emily’s first showcase ever, she was assigned Calysta as a cheer sister. 

Dear Calysta, 

I owe you an apology for not realizing this was a season long sisterhood. I didn’t ask questions and I failed both you and Emily in the process but you didn’t give up on my girl. 

I remember seeing you around, you provided encouragements and you cheered for Emily even when she didn’t quite do the same for you. 

See, I should have written down your name and taken a pictures of you two together. It would have helped Emily remember who her cheer sister was. I should have talked to Emily about you and encourage her to talk to you at the gym instead of putting all of it on you.

I promise you that I will be better at this. 

I will be better because you didn’t give up on Emily. 

On Saturday, after her performance, you walked on that mat and gave Emily  a flower. Emily said thanks and walked away. You must have hoped for a little bit more from Emily but that’s all you got. 

Again, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know. 

But on Saturday, I really saw you and I wondered why you showed so much kindness to Emily. 

Later, I saw your dad’s Facebook post about Emily’s performance, stating that she was your cheer sister and it all made sense. 

Thank you Calysta for not giving up on Emily. 

Thank you for your encouragements and kindness. 

You are a wonderful young lady and Emily loved your flower!

It made the trip home with us and although Emily didn’t know who you were and why you gave her a flower, she was touched in her own way. 

I will talk to Emily about you and hopefully next time we see you, she will say hello and slowly, she will learn your name. 

A to Z Challenge – Day 15 – O




For the letter O, in our A to Z Challenge, Emil picked Olympia as in Cheer Olympia, Emily’s cheer club!

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Emily is still finding this writing challenge somewhat challenging πŸ™‚Β  But after telling her that some of you have been asking for more from her, she sat down and wrote this:

Olympia is a cheer gym.Β  I am a cheer leader.Β  I have friends.Β  I have a cheerleader uniform.Β  I like cart wheels.

Once again, thank you Cheer Olympia…Β  Thank you Lorraine and Colleen and many thanks to our wonderful coaches: Celine, Megan and Chloe.Β  You ladies are the best!


A to Z Challenge 2016 – Lessons from my Daughter (PR) #819


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