Yes, my hands are full

I love this. Sometimes we forget that kind words can make someone’s day.

the cheese bus

This afternoon a man yelled at me from his car. They are words I will never forget.

He must have seen us inside the grocery store. It was the first time we were going in without a stroller. Everybody do good listening for Momma, okay? Six innocent eyes peered back at me. You will hold hands and stay by me?

Oldest: “Yes Mommy. I go shopping.”

Twin B: “Momma!”

Twin A: “Nose!”

I’ll take it.

We create the cutest chain of hand holding I have ever been associated with. I am holding the hand of my oldest. She is almost six, sporting a pink ball gown that she thinks Pnina Tornai designed, as a result of too many viewings of Say Yes to the Dress, but was really on sale at Costco.   Her red cowboy boots compliment her rainbow wig. She is holding hands with her baby brother, Twin B…

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Wishing you the Best 2017 possible!

Emily had an amazing 2016

It wasn’t all easy and happy

She lost a friend, struggled during her school coop placement in the spring, had a biopsy done on one of her scar on her back, received a list of 35 items she should no longer eat and had her wisdom teeth removed… just to name a few things.

If you were to ask her about 2016, I’m sure she would tell you about Chelsea passing away because Chelsea is still in Emily’s thoughts regularly but she will also tell you about our trip out west, staying home alone, emptying the dishwasher, starting her own art gallery and selling her art.  She will tell you that she’s a cheerleader, a high school senior and that her school coop is at a art gallery which she really enjoys.  She might also mentioned how we raised all the money we needed to get our fully accessible baseball field build.

We had so many amazing things happened in 2016!

Emily will focus on all the awesome parts. 

So for 2017, I wish you to be more like Emily. 

I wish you to tackle the challenges with patience, positivity and determination to see the other side. 

I wish that once it is all said and done, you can see the lesssons learned and remember all the good things as opposed to focus on the bad. 

In 2017, we should all try to be a little bit more like Emily!