Autumn Bucket list – Week 1 update

Exactly a week ago, I sat down and wrote my first ever bucket list.

To celebrate my favorite season and my 40th year, I wrote down a lit of 40 items I want to do before end of day on December 21st.

You can find my post here: Autumn Bucket list

The last 2 items on my list are:

39. Document my bucket list with pictures

40. Blog about my progress weekly

So this is my first update…  what could we have possibly done in 1 week!


#35 – Drink a pumpkin spice latte – this was my first PSL and it will be my last.  I couldn’t finish it… this is not my thing, I will keep drinking lattes…


#32 – Perform a random act of kindness – when I bought this Pumpkin Spice latte, I bought my colleagues their favorites too…  Just because 

#21 – Make binders for Emily’s cheer coaches – I believe I have mentioned before that Emily has joined a cheer club, they have a team for athletes of various abilities and I wanted to give our amazing coaches some tools to help them understands and work with their growing team.


#9. Buy our favorite Halloween candies and keep them for us…  I believe I will have to buy more as the box is already open!


#5. Go to the drive-in one last time.  Emily was so excited to see Hotel Transylvania 2.  And the good thing this time of year?  Movie started at 8:30pm instead of 10pm


#2. Visit a pumpkin patch and pick 3 pumpkins.  This was interesting!  It was family outing / physiotherapy appointment…  Emily’s mobility is much better than anything the doctors thought she would achieve but a pumpkin patch…  I never thought about how the ground would be uneven and covered in vines…  We managed, I helped Emily and we found our way around a huge field of pumpkins to find our perfect “future minions”

IMG_4003 IMG_4009 IMG_4056 IMG_8501

#7. Hop on a hay ride – There was no hay on the ride but a wagon pulled by a tractor has to qualify!

IMG_4018 IMG_4022

So, here it is, week 1.

I’ve also picked my future hair color, saw the blood moon and tried to photographed it, Emily is almost ready for Halloween, we bought the paint to tackle our pumpkin art project and bought supplies for treat bags & cupcakes…

I am so ready to continue tackling this list!

What about you?  Do you have a bucket list?

New York City – Day 3

Day 3 in New York City started quite early…

By 6:30am, we were all awake and searching for a place to grab breakfast on Urban Spoon

We settled on Sarabeth’s


Ok, overall, this was a more expensive breakfast than the day before but OMGosh!!!

The food was delicious and our server was efficient, polite, smiling and cute!


Jon had the eggs benedict for $18 with a side of bacon!

Look at that side…. that’s an $8 side of bacon that’s actually worth $8


I had a spinach and goat cheese omelette with a scone $15


And Emily had the best Pumpkin waffle ever!!!  $16


Soooo good!  We all had a bite, she added syrup to it and ate the whole thing.


We had coffee and were not rushed to leave the table when we were done!

Overall a great breakfast experience.

With our full tummies, we hopped on the Tour bus and started exploring the city

We hoped off the bus at Time Square and walked around.  We explored and I took pictures.



M&M Store


Billboards everywhere!


Disney Store


Sidewalk mascots who will grab your child for hugs and pictures than show you their tips purses…

I paid this time and kept all the others at bay…


The Ferris wheel at Toys R Us.  Emily and I got the Barbie car!!!


Emily, Madison (the doll) and me in front of Madison Square Garden…. where all of Justin’s fans stood one day before his concert!

Can you see the grumpy starting to happen on Emily’s face?

We continued to walk around, looking for the Hello Kitty store which we didn’t find at this time…

As we kept looking, it started to rain and that combined with our lack of luck in finding the Hello Kitty created a really grumpy girl.

That’s when Emily had her second meltdown.

She stood in the rain and cried, I moved us under cover and tried to calm her down but it didn’t work.

We waved a cab and went back to the hotel where we could put some dry clothes on and go down to the food court to grab sushis for lunch.

We bought a salmon mousse, a salami, 2 cheese, crackers, some fruits, veggies and humus…  That was going to be our dinner later!

We also bought some macaroons!  A new experience for both Jon and Emily.


They each had a dark chocolate ganache in the middle which wasn’t what I was expecting so my family wasn’t really excited about them.  They were still good just not what I wanted them to try for their 1st time.

That afternoon, we went back on the bus and did the full city tour without hoping off again.

Look at my movie star!!!


We saw tons of things and I am not going to put all the pictures up but we had a great time.

Once the tour was done, we grabbed a hot-dog from a street cart and enjoyed it on a bench.

Than we did something I am not all that proud of but…. we only live once right?

We went back to FAO Schwartz and bought candies…. $76 worth of candies! And a bacon lip balm!  🙂


We went back to the hotel, showered, turned the tv on and set-up our feast of cheese, crackers, veggies, humus and more…  Once we were done, Emily started working on those candies…

2 weeks later, we are still not done eating them!

By 9pm we were all asleep, getting some rest in order to be top shape to tackle day 4.