Happy 19th Birthday Emily

I can’t believe Emily is 19 already!

Where we live, being 19 means that now my baby can legally purchase and consume alcohol. 

So this morning, we had brunch!  Including mimosas!

Emily really enjoyed her mimosa than suggested that it would probably be better with watermelon juice instead of orange juice!

My girl!  Future bartender!

Now, we are relaxing before going to the casino later tonight!

Yes, being 19 also means Emily can legally go to the casino and gamble. 

And tonight we are going to the Casino!

Happy Birthday Emily!


My girl has balls!

Maybe that’s inappropriate to say so but she’s fearless and I L❤️VE that about her. 

I’ve told you a little bit about the big graduation/birthday party we are planning for Emily in June. 

Electronic Facebook invitations went out almost a month ago and paper invitations are going out this week. 

None of that screams “fearless” I know. 

The fearless comes from how Emily discussed her party with a teacher and an EA (Educational Assistant) in order to invite their respective sons….

My girl has balls the size of …. what are the biggest balls out there?

One of the guy is no longer at her high school but she managed to make sure to tell his mom to invite him. 

The other guy is still at her school but she made sure to cover all her bases.

She’s known both of them since 6th grade when we moved her to her new school. One helped her in gym class and the other is more of a musician / artist who was willing to sing with her. 

Both have always been nice to her. 

6 years later, she’s talking to their mom about inviting them to her party and I think that is amazing!

Can’t wait to see if one of them or even both of them show-up. 

And because I’m nice, here’s a sneak peak at Emily’s hairdo for her big night!