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Nice to meet you or my “about me” page!


I am a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an executive, a mentor, a therapist, a friend, a teacher, a volunteer and so much more….

I have a wonderful daughter who has Cri Du Chat syndrome.

This blog is about our journey and the life lessons Emily is teaching us all!


There is no particular order in the posts, I type as I am remembering things that happened….. it’s not a chronological recollection of our life, it’s more about  retelling stories when something triggers them!

I hope you will enjoy!


PS:  The pictures, stories and opinions in lessons from my daughter are all mine  I appreciate you reading and commenting, I love when you reblog but please don’t use any of my pictures without my consent.

85 thoughts on “Nice to meet you or my “about me” page!

  1. Hi Pascale, Ive sent you a LinkedIn connect invite. I’d very much appreciate your input for a uni assessment (Master of Professional Psychology). Could you please respond and I’ll message you on LinkedIn.

  2. Hey…I’ve nominated you for the 3-day quote challenge! do check out my post and find your nomination there…looking forward to reading your take on ‘quotes’soon 😀 Cheers!

  3. I thought I left a comment. If there are 2, please delete one. I have never heard about Cri Du Chat Syndrome. I am sure there are many more people like me. I do admire your strength and desire to make people aware of it. I am sure that you are ultra-inspired by your amazing daughter.

    • I have my blog set to ask for me to approve first time comment. I like both of your comments so I’m keeping them 😊. Emily is amazing and inspiring. I hope you will enjoy our blog!

  4. Pascale,
    Thank you for this blog. I had never heard of Cri Du Chat until your blog. I am sure there are many more people in the same boat. I admire your strength and courage for sharing about this. Emily is fortunate to have a mom like you!

  5. I know what it’s like to live with a rare medical condition and all that entails. I am married with a son and daughter and my series of Letters to dead Poets for the A-Z Challenge have been written with them in mind as well as exploring the poets and how I related to them through life’s ups and downs.
    I have a very close friend with two special needs kids. She actually took the photo of my daughter and I in my letter to Maya Angelou. Going with us to the beach was very confronting as she could take her own daughter to the beach as she’d eat handfuls of sand. I admire her for walking through that. She’s very much my Captain Courageus and she takes on government departments and you name it to help her kids and I have no doubt that she’d fight to the death.
    Take care!
    xx Rowena

    • Thank you for stopping by Rowena. Emily deserves so much and I’m there with your friend, fighting the world to give my girl the best of everything. That’s what being a parent is about 😊. I’ve enjoyed your challenge so far, it’s really creative. You are a good writer.

      • Thank you very much, Pascale. I don’t know how it is for you with Emily but I know even I’ve had to fight some stupid battles over things like access and people parking in disabled parking spots without permits. I can get pretty vocal these days, knowing that I’m not only standing up for myself but for those who don’t feel able to speak out. Take care! xx Rowena

  6. Hello.Really glad to have known you from Jacqueline’s party and thank you for the follow. ❤ I must say you have a gorgeous daughter and the two of you make such a beautiful picture 🙂 Looking forward to read more and get to know you and your wonderful daughter. Cheers and Warmest wishes, Minaxi 🙂

  7. Beautiful picture! I have never heard of this syndrome. It is wonderful that you are raising awareness this way. I just watched the Alligator Pie video…you must have had trouble keeping the tears back!

    • Thank you. Most people in various medical fields, have only heard of it once way back when they were in school. Unless you know someone, like you now know us 😊 chances are that you would have no idea this exist. Thank you for watching. I have other videos on my YouTube Channel where you can actually hear my cry…. That’s me! Full of pride and crying!

  8. Hello Pascale, thank you for following my blog and I look forward to reading more of yours and getting to know you and your beautiful daughter. Warmest wishes from Australia.

  9. Hello,

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  10. Thanks for giving my blog a follow. After looking on yours, I am now a follower too! I look forward to more of your writing!

  11. Thanks so much for dropping by and following my blog. It has given me the chance to find your own inspiring space and I am looking forward to reading more! Meilleurs voeux! TJ

  12. Hi,
    I know Kristina Stanley and Michael. Nice to know we are in the same community. You visited my site today, and I wanted to thank you. I’m glad you liked my About page.
    I am also a mom. I have all girls. My youngest is still a teenager. My oldest is teaching me lessons about taking one day at a time since she has chronic issues.
    Nice to have met you.

    • Hello,
      Thank you for stopping by. I’ve looked at many if your posts. I would love for my blog to get more exposures but I get overwhelmed by what to go next. Your posts are all really interesting. I’ll continue to read you in hopes to be inspired and find the time to try some of your recommendations.
      My daughter is also quite the teacher 🙂

      • Thank you so much for your interest. Since I am trying to increase my following, I am currently offering three incentives for signing up. All you have to do is put your email in the subscribe box on the mostly blogging.com homepage. Thank you so much for the nice compliments about my writing. I am excited about having your readership.

  13. Truly inspiring and keep raising awareness, you are educating and making the world a better place.

  14. Hi Pascale!

    Thank you for sharing your story. My name is Elizabeth and I work with Abena North America, Danish manufacturer of high quality, eco-friendly incontinence products. I came across your blog and thought you might be interested in knowing about our diaper made specifically for children ages 5-15, Abri-Form Junior. They offer a better fit than baby and adult diapers, are extremely absorbent and highly breathable.


    Would you be interested in writing a review of our product? If so, I’d be happy to send you some. Let me know, thank you.

    • Hello. Emily no longer requires diapers but if you want, I can reach out to our cri du chat support group and see if another family would like to try them and review them. I would, of course, share their reviews on my blog. Let me know if this would be acceptable. You can email me at plebrass.tozer@gmail.com

  15. Hi Pascale,

    My name is Natasha and I’m the mom of a beautiful 6 years old boy Jaeden, who is effected by Autism. The increasing cases of kids with autism going missing and especially the heartbreaking 3-month-long search for Avonte, completely shaken me and I started to research tracking options online to keep my son safe.

    That’s how I discovered AngelSense, a company that was founded by a father of an autistic kid. AngelSense developed a GPS and voice monitoring solution for kids with special needs. The use of the AngelSense system has empowered both my son and I, and I was so touched by its benefits that I joined their community and now act as a parent advisor, to pay it forward to other parents looking for an additional way to watch over their little ones.

    Since I love reading your blog and follow your story, I thought about sharing this with you and I would love if you would check it out!

    You can read more about AngelSense here and about my personal story here.

    Have a wonderful day,

    Natasha Cornin

  16. Dear Pascale,
    Thank you for sharing the story of your daughter. It’s beautiful to hear the lessons she teaches you. I work as the Director of Development of a specials orphanage in India and I know the foster moms who work for the orphanage always get frustrated when the world tells them that their kids can’t do something.
    This is inspiring.
    Lindsey Farmer
    Sarah’s Covenant Homes

    • Thank you Lindsey. It is frustrating to be faced with people who can’t see potential and opportunities when they are right in front of them. We have had the deal with doctors and therapists who didn’t believe in Emily but we never stopped believing and Emily continues to learn, at her own speed but its still learning… Thank you for reading my blog!

  17. Hi Pascale,

    I hope this finds you doing well. So last month we released a new app, Obaby (obabyapp.com). We think it’s awesome. 🙂 Would you like to try it out? If so, I’ll send you a code for a free download. Please just let me know. Thanks!


    Aaron Marshall | CEO/Designer
    Over | +27 (71) 484-1162

    • Hi Aaron
      As the name of your app is obaby, I am not sure it is something I would use. My “baby” will be 16 years old this year.
      Maybe if you give me more information about the app I would consider trying it.
      Thank you

      • Hi Pascale,

        Absolutely. You can see more here: obabyapp.com.

        If you’re interested, please send me an email and we’ll get you a code for a free download!


        Aaron Marshall | CEO/Designer
        Over | +27 (71) 484-1162

  18. Pascale, you are such a wonderful Mother! I am so happy to be able to catch up with you and Emily (even if it’s just reading your adventures). You are a true advocate for your daughter and an inspiration to all Mothers out there. I have been sitting here laughing and crying while reading your blog. Take care, Steph

  19. I’ve just spend the better part of the last hour reading the entirety of your blog.
    To describe you, your daughter, and your outlook on life as amazing would be an understatement.

    My mother was an EPA (Educational Program Assistant) in the school board for years and has brought me up to be aware of the challenges these children face. It isn’t often that you get to hear it from a parent though.

    Well done you. And well done to Emily for finding her voice and speaking to her class. That took a lot of guts and gumption, which I’m sure she inherited from you.

    • I saw you liking many of my posts. Thank you for reading and for your comments. Emily is a great kid and my mom showed me how to be a great mom so I’m trying to do my best with what I have. I enjoy getting to know my child and growing with her, I believe her challenges are making me a better person.
      I hope you will keep reading.

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  21. I look forward to reading more on your blog:) I vaguely remember briefly reading this in Psych class in university. Thank you for allowing us to learn from Lessons from daughter. Thanks for the follow as well:) WI

    • Thank you for your interest. I’m really passionate about my daughter and her desire to educate and share her story is why in doing this. I hope you will enjoy reading about her challenges and success.

  22. Right, you’ve got to work with me on this.
    Imagination required.
    I’m dressed in all my finery, looking shit-hot. Hair coiffed, make-up minimal and perfect, gorgeous black frock on, slit to thigh. My God, I look great.
    I’m standing behind a podium and I have a gold envelope in my hand.
    My beautifully painted scarlet nails slice along the seal.
    You have been nominated by me to receive the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’.

    That’s you, that is!

    • My June 5th post was about Emily’s syndrome. It’s called introduction to cri du chat syndrome. There’s even a link to an awareness video! Have a read and let me know if you have questions!

      • Wow! Quite huge odds.. 1 in 35ooo k! I had never heard of this. Your story is even more inspiring after having heard the limited expectations originally given to families in the early days of discovery. Thanks for sharing

      • You are welcome. It took me 15 years before being ready to share. It’s a process! Emily is quite an amazing young lady and its her willingness to tell about herself that’s pushed me to do the same.

      • Thank you. Most people haven’t heard of the Cri Du Chat Syndrome. This is my way to help raise awareness … Sharing Emily’s challenges, success and life lessons. Thank you for reading.

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