How to build your child’s self-esteem!

I was raised by a mom who believed in me…

Because of my mom, I know how to believe. 

Believe in myself, believe in my husband and believe in my daughter. 

I’ve written before about Emily’s self-esteem. 

Emily’s fashion choices

Today, I want to show you and tell you about Emily’s schoolwork. 

This first page was done at school.  

I loved her answers. 

She doesn’t believe in love at first sight, in order for a relationship to survive, you should not argue and you know your relationship is in trouble when one person quits.  
What is she looking for in her soulmate?  He needs to love dogs, the Big Bang Theory and cheerleaders. He should be tall with hazel colored eyes and love to laugh. 

Isn’t that just beautiful?

Now, the homework part. 

Emily had to define herself using this list of words.    

She read all the words and told me what they meant. Some of the words I had to explained to her. 

I had her circle the ones she felt applied to her. 

She circled 19 words. 

  1. Leader
  2. Creative
  3. Musical
  4. Funny
  5. Agreeable
  6. Honest
  7. Thoughtful
  8. Loving
  9. Family oriented
  10. Upbeat
  11. Brave
  12. Hardworking
  13. Friendly 
  14. Kind
  15. Happy
  16. Fearless 
  17. Peaceful
  18. Respectable
  19. Focused

My girl!

We needed to shorten the list and she crossed 9 off and kept her top 10.

  1. Musical
  2. Funny
  3. Honest
  4. Loving
  5. Family oriented
  6. Hardworking
  7. Friendly 
  8. Kind
  9. Happy
  10. Fearless 

We needed to define 8 and pick 5 that define her. 

In the end, she picked 

  1. Musical
  2. Happy
  3. Fearless
  4. Honest
  5. Funny

My girl! 

I am so proud of her!

I’ve said since day 1 that I would build Emily up so high that she would forever believe in herself. 

I think I’ve done well in her first 17 years and I promise to continue!

How do I do it?

  1. Lots of love 
  2. Tons of positive reinforcement
  3. We don’t give up or quit when it gets difficult. 
  4. We laugh a lot together and laugh at ourselves too. 
  5. We work hard
  6. We celebrate our successes, no matter how small.  


James Earl Jones

I’m French

Up until 2 minutes ago I didn’t really know who James Earl Jones was

I didn’t even know of James Earl Jones

I know, it’s weird but that’s me. 

I love many songs which have titles I don’t know or even bands who sing songs I like without me knowing who they are. 

I don’t know actor’s names…

I just never bothered learning them. 


Emily asked for a Disney movie day so here we all are sitting in the living room watching the Lion King. 

As the movie start, I tell Jon and Emily that it sounds different…  Well, I guess I’ve never watched it in English before so it is different…

Mufassa sounds funny to me but that’s ok. 

Jon said:  “That’s Dart Vader’s voice.”

Emily replied: “You mean James Earl Jones?” 

To which I said: “What???”

Than Emily said: “Google it!”

And Jon laughed!

I am at a loss for words…  Emily is laughing telling me she knows this because of the Big Bang Theory…

She’s awesome and yes I googled it. She was right. 

Take that cri du chat syndrome. My girl knows things I don’t know.