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James Earl Jones

I’m French

Up until 2 minutes ago I didn’t really know who James Earl Jones was

I didn’t even know of James Earl Jones

I know, it’s weird but that’s me. 

I love many songs which have titles I don’t know or even bands who sing songs I like without me knowing who they are. 

I don’t know actor’s names…

I just never bothered learning them. 


Emily asked for a Disney movie day so here we all are sitting in the living room watching the Lion King. 

As the movie start, I tell Jon and Emily that it sounds different…  Well, I guess I’ve never watched it in English before so it is different…

Mufassa sounds funny to me but that’s ok. 

Jon said:  “That’s Dart Vader’s voice.”

Emily replied: “You mean James Earl Jones?” 

To which I said: “What???”

Than Emily said: “Google it!”

And Jon laughed!

I am at a loss for words…  Emily is laughing telling me she knows this because of the Big Bang Theory…

She’s awesome and yes I googled it. She was right. 

Take that cri du chat syndrome. My girl knows things I don’t know. 

4 thoughts on “James Earl Jones

  1. Kathy is not totally comfortable around the computer. Allie will tell her, “Grandma, click on it.” or “Google it Grandma.” I think it’s great how kids are so much more at ease with technology than some of us.

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