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Emily’s fashion choices!

I am sure I am to blame for this!

I have always encouraged Emily to make her decisions with regards to her clothing.

I gave her some ground rules, I have been repeating them for at least 13 years now!

1. No cleavage showing (until you are at least 35 🙂 )

2. No mid-section showing (EVER!)

3. Track pants are for the gym

and at some point I had to add…

4. Pyjamas are for bed time

Those are the rules!

With that being said, on Saturday afternoon, after her shower, Emily came to the living room wearing this:


Beautiful!  But not really a staying at home doing nothing special outfit…  It lasted maybe 15 minutes than she realized it wasn’t really comfortable and changed.

Here are some other Emily picking her clothes highlights!

I never said “limited jewelry”!


Pretty dress and crown at school!


Orange phase


Pink phase with awesome cowboy boots


I know, you are thinking short skirt…..  actually skort!!!  skirt in the front, shorts in the back!!!

em 08-14-08 114

She liked the dress and decided to wear it


Glasses, no prescriptions! It lasted maybe a month

vegas 013

Biker chick without the biker boyfriend or the bike…. thank goodness!


Pretty dress over pants or leggins.  Little vest.  I love that look on her


This almost looks too old for her


I loved her pixie cut!  Cute dress again!


Long to the ground summer dress


Please don’t get out of the house like this outfit….  She’s not breaking any rules so she did go out like this!  Pink tank top, purple thingy to wear over a swimsuit, pink mexican top worn as a skirt and hard to see on the picture but still…  grey leggins with skulls on them!


Of course this is just a sample, she has many more looks.  Every morning as she walks in her new high school she receives an onslaught of compliments from the educational assistants.

“Wow, you are mixing lime green and purple, this is so pretty”

“Oh, I love your boots”

“What a nice scarf”

“I need to go shopping with you”

“What a beautiful dress”

And so on!

I did this, I created a little monster who likes to wear pretty clothes and matches them up pretty well (most of the time).  I remember Emily being little and my mom telling me to stop spending money on clothes.   Over the years, my answer stayed the same.

Emily will forever struggle with being accepted, she might be made fun of for being slower, for being different but she won’t be picked on for her clothes.  That’s the one thing I can give her.  I can do this for her.

She is now capable to see in a change room which clothes work well with her figures and which don’t.  It’s no longer just about how it looked on the hanger.   I am extremely proud of her for seeing the difference on pretty on the hanger and fabulous or non-fabulous on her.

We have built her self-esteem so high that she can wear that last outfit but I do prefer something more like this one!


As we get closer to Halloween, I will show how she dressed-up over the years… some of those times, it wasn’t even Halloween!

But for now, which look is your favorite?  Should I add more ground rules to her dress code?

10 thoughts on “Emily’s fashion choices!

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  2. I love almost all of the outfits. Great selections. The jewelry one reminded me so much of Allie. She’ll often have on 6 or 7 bracelets and numerous necklaces. However, you will almost never see Allie in anything other than a dress unless it’s her favorite pajamas at bed time. I so enjoy reading your blog.

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