A to Z Challenge – Day 7 – G



This one was a surprise!  Emily sat down at the table and wrote away while I napped on the couch and try to will myself back to health.  The flu that hit Jonathan than myself has to be the strongest flu out there!  Lucky for us, we caught it early in Emily and the medication has saved her from the worst.

Emily’s love of giraffe is not new.

When Emily was 7, she wanted to move to Kenya.  She learned about Kenya in 1st grade and was fascinated by the landscape, the animals and the culture.

January 1998, we offer her the next best thing, a trip to Disney with a room at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  This is 9 year old Emily looking at wild animals from our balcony.

Disney Jan 2008 406

Following is what Emily wrote about giraffes.  I believe google helped her with this!

She told me some of the key words she wanted to write about and she wrote about them.

My big win on this post is definitely Emily’s printing!  Look at it!

When Emily was diagnosed with Cri du Chat Syndrome, we were told that she would do nothing.  Not walk, talk, recognized us or understand us.

We’ve worked with physiotherapist and occupational therapist for every milestone Emily has achieved.  We’ve learned how to work with her to help her grow and developed new skills.  Her printing above is such a big win!!!


A to Z Challenge 2016 – Lessons from my Daughter (PR) #914


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Peter Pan

Look at this!!!!

I’ve been blogging for 2 years and this is my 210th post!!!  My blog has had 32,363 hits (or views) from 93 countries!!!

I still don’t know if in the big picture this is good but in my book… I rocked the blogging thing!!!

Yeah me!!!


Back to the blogging…

This is a post Emily has been begging me to write for the last hour or so….

She will not stop asking so I am going to write.

This is how she uses her determination to get her way…  When she starts asking, unless I feel strongly that it’s a “no”, I normally end-up saying yes.  When it’s a solid no, she accepts it.  When I say later or give me an hour or any other words that are not “no”, she becomes a really determine young lady.

That’s my girl!

Today, she wants me to tell you all that when we were in Disney, Mickey, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pooh, Tigger, Pigglet and Eeyore all recognized her when we shared a meal with them.  7 years later.. she asked every single one of them if they remembered her and they all shook their head agreeing.  Some showed us with their hands that she had grown so tall, they all with their hands or paws told her she was pretty.  They all showed her they were happy to see her.

IMG_1356 IMG_1355 IMG_1349 IMG_1792 IMG_1793 IMG_1795 IMG_1797

But the one guy, Emily couldn’t wait to see again was PeterPan.

We saw him in parades


We saw him in a play


And we saw him in the electric parade

This is during this last parade that Emily felt Peter Pan recognized her.

She felt him look at her and recognized her.

From 7 years ago.


This is the magic of Disney!