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Thanksgiving 2006

Up until Emily’s year in first grade, we didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving.

Not because we didn’t want to but because I was born and raised in Quebec.  We didn’t celebrate The “Action de Grace” the way Emily wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Fall 2006…

Now that Emily’s teacher taught her all about Thanksgiving.. we found ourselves in an interesting spot… a couple of days before the actual holiday.

We had to invite family and cook some really specific food as per what Emily told me.  I had to google some recipes.

Because Emily could tell us, using her words, we certainly obliged.

Lucky for us, we now had family near by.

We invited, Barb & Greg

house st stephen 2006 308

And Jonathan’s parents

house st stephen 2006 298

We moved the table in the living and set-up the buffet in the kitchen

house st stephen 2006 302house st stephen 2006 305

I bought everything in the colors that Emily said we needed

house st stephen 2006 296

I thought the table looked amazing but Emily had something else in mind

house st stephen 2006 299

Even when she was only 8, she had lots of imagination 🙂  I have always loved that about her.

Before dinner, she made us go around the table and tell what we were thankful for.

So although today is not Thanksgiving, I am thankful for fall being around the corner and for my in-laws and family members living near by.

house st stephen 2006 291 house st stephen 2006 290

Above are 2 pictures that really shows the relationship between Emily and her grandfather.  You can feel the affection they had for each other.  We still miss him deeply and if you have a couple more minutes, I invite you to read how Emily decided to remember her “papie” here!


18 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2006

  1. i love the fact that emily expanded your world celebrations and i loved her words and memories of the bond that will never be broken with her papi.

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  3. Terrific story. Grandparents are so great. I’m so sorry for my boys that my dad doesn’t seem to be interested in cultivating that relationship. Distance doesn’t help, but neither does lack of effort. I’ve posted about it, so I won’t bore you with the details. In fact, the situation with him is what prompted me to start doing this. It’s not fair to my boys and my dad is missing out on so much. I can’t control him though. Just a shame.

    • Thank you. Sorry to hear about your dad… It’s really unfortunate but you are right, you can’t control him, we can only control ourselves and protect our kids. We lived far away from families for years and they all still cared and were as involved as they could. We are extremely lucky for that considering many people can’t accept a child with a handicap or disability…

      • The funny thing is, our first born is the one with special needs. They were involved with him. When we had the twins, the disconnect began. I’ve thought about it til it’s worn to a nub, tried to reconnect for years. I’m just about to give up. I’m ok in terms of my feelings about it, at least I’m dealing with my hurt. Just hate it for the boys. They are missing out on one of the joys of being a kid. Kinda pisses me off, actually. Is what it is, I guess.

      • This sucks. I have a dad, had a step-dad who passed in 2001 and my father-in-law who passed in 2011. I have lost 2 incredible role models and miss them so much. My father moved away when I was 7 and we love each other but aren’t closed. Of all the family around us, I was most worried of his reaction to Emily’s syndrome and of our new reality but he came around and truly loves Emily. I wish your dad will come around but don’t waste your energy and positivity on it all. As a kid, my neighbors were like an extra set of grandparents, mines lived far away and were in the 70’s when I was born so to me they were really old 🙂 my neighbors were somewhat younger and had a garden so I spent time there instead!

      • I just struggle to understand the “why” of it all. It’s hurt me, but I’m a grown-up. I think at some point the boys are gonna ask me about this. I’m not sure how I’ll answer.

      • You’re right, I guess. Not looking forward to that conversation. Unfortunately, it’ll likely come after they’ve passed away. It’s just senseless, to me. I look forward to having grand kids. I sure as hell won’t be ignoring them! Even if we live far apart at the time.

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