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Our gardens

We are by no mean gardeners.

This is our second go at it.

We tried a couple of years ago and got some peas and a big mess of “not really grown” anything!

We skipped a summer as Jonathan worked overnight and we were traveling to my father’s place which meant the garden would not get the attention it needed.

This year, we are trying a limited amount of vegetables and strawberries!

We’ve had 3 really small strawberries 🙂


We are trying to grow pumpkins and learned today that we might need to try and fertilize the flowers.IMG_3826IMG_3828

We have picked a handful of green and yellow beans

IMG_3839 IMG_3840

We are growing cherry tomatoes, red and yellow


So far, we’ve picked maybe 10 yellow cherry tomatoes and will finally get to try some of the red ones

We are hoping to grow some tomatoes that would be big enough to make a sandwich…


Our only pepper so far wasn’t really good but we still have 3 more coming!


Our only successful story is this lovely basil plant which we bought this big and managed not to kill it.  We’ve used lots of it and it’s still growing!


And now you know why we get a weekly vegetable basket from a nearby farm!


6 thoughts on “Our gardens

  1. I’m fine with growing regular plants and flowers but useless at anything to sustain human life. I remember growing strawberries last year – I was sooo happy with my entire yield of 3!! So now I leave the veggie patch responsibilities to the in-laws and just hope for regular deliveries. 🙂

  2. When we were first married I put in a garden. It wasn’t easy since I had to dig through the sod and work up the soil with just a spade. I still remember going on a vacation for three weeks in June, coming home and finding my green beans completely hidden by the weeds. By the time I finished pulling all the weeds, there were only a very few bean plants left. Then there was the year I got a really good deal on cucumber plants. I bought 6. Definitely more than we needed. We picked cucumbers and gave them to everyone we could think of, made pickles (sour, sweet, dill) for ourselves and for all our family and friends, gave bags of them to the local food pantry. Finally I took the mower and we were done with cucumbers for that year. Glad you’re getting something. Make sure you work a good deal of compost into the soil this fall (ground up leaves work really well if you also mix in a little high nitrogen fertilizer). Give it a year or two and you’ll begin to see some real results.

    • Thank you for your kind words. We planted cucumbers but they are of the non-existent family 🙂 we’ve had so much rain this summer…. We had an umbrella over the tomatoes and cucumbers.

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