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California – Road trip

I need your help!

We are planning a road trip!

So far, it looks like we will fly into San Francisco and drive down to San Diego over 2 weeks somewhere around the July and August period in 2016

As you can see above, we got 2 books full of information! 

I only have 11 months to plan this right so please help me. 

Where should we stay?  

What do we absolutely need to see?

Where should we eat?

What are the things only locals know that we should know 😜?

We will be the 3 of us, the 3 musketeers.  

Remember our daughter has cri du chat syndrome so you know what this means right?  

Are you thinking limitations???

Haven’t you been reading my blog?!?!

It means that we are up for everything and anything πŸ˜‰

We can eat anywhere

We can walk

We can dance

We can shop

We can and will laugh our butts off

We like fancy hotels and small bed and breakfast as long as we all fit in 1 room. 


We can play at the beach or at the pool 

We like to play tourists (zoo, museums, anything really…)

We like to pretend we are locals

So, what should we do?

Thank you for your suggestions and if you don’t know anything about California, do a girl a favor and reblog! I really need help! 

Pretty please! 


17 thoughts on “California – Road trip

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  2. MAKE SURE you drive through Big Sur. It’s so beautiful. Take the 1 for SURE from SF, there’s so much great scenery, however be certain you drive it during the day because driving through Big Sur at night is horrifying (I learned the hard way). The boardwalk in Santa Cruz is fun and great to check out. Santa Barbara is another great stop. Definitely worth your time.

    As a San Diego native I have to say that you’d be doing yourself a dis justice if you didn’t go to the San Diego Zoo. It really is awesome. Coronado is great to talk around and the beach is beautiful and same with La Jolla. Balboa Park is worth a visit as well.

    If you don’t have a car and are traveling from Disneyland, the train is a great alternative! It’s slow but it rides along the coast and makes for a nice ride. It lets off in several stops in San Diego County and makes it’s final stop in Downtown San Diego.

    If you want to do the local thing and check out some cool restaurants, Little Italy and North Park are great pockets. I don’t know what your favorite foods are but I have a million recommendations for like everything. If you’re on instagram I have a lot of restaurant pictures (tagged with locations) for some ideas. Or just ask! My insta is @justreallyhungry

    Hope this helps!

      • πŸ™‚ she likes art museum more but while in New York settled on the museum of natural history which was different from what she normally likes. I’m hoping to take her to DC one day just to walk around the Smithsonian. So many museums in one place πŸ™‚

    • That is awesome.
      Thank you.
      I believe I have an Instagram account that is somewhat inactive so I might have to figure it out.
      So far, we are planning on driving and probably early morning for a couple of hours max.
      We’ve never been that way so the plan is to get as much done as possible while having good night sleeps along the way. On vacations, we are early risers πŸ™‚
      As for food! We love it all. I can’t do hot/spicy as my stomach can’t handle it but everything else is fair game. We really enjoy trying new things too.
      Any recommendations on where we should sleep?

    • The Museum of Modern Art downtown is really cool! At Balboa Park there’s the Timken which is free but it’s only okay. If you spend some time in LA and want to do an art museum, The Getty is AMAZING.

      You can’t go wrong staying by the coast. There’s a million hotels all down there but they can be pricey during summer time. I’d love to tell you to go stay at the Hotel Del, but it’s easily $400-500 a night this time of year. You can find WAY cheaper though. If you don’t stay at the beach and want something cute with a vintage vibe, The Lafayette Hotel in North Park is the cutest and it’s super central to everything.

      If you’re in North Park and want to grab a slice of pizza–Sicilian Thing and Luigi’s are both fan favorites. For breakfast Hash House a-go-go in Hillcrest is unreal, the portions are HUGE though, like you could feed a family of three with one dish and a side easily. The Mexican food here is amazing–it’s hard to go wrong at any taco shop but it can and will be greasy. I would definitely recommend El Zarape (taco shop or sit down although they’re different). Rubicon Deli has amazing sandwiches. Phil’s BBQ, Point Loma Seafoods, Slater’s 50/50 (burgers), Lucha Libre (mexican, was on man vs food), OB Noodle House (pho), Kabob Shop (Lebanese)…I could go on for days. San Diego and Food are like my two favorite things to talk about. Ha.

  3. I haven’t been overseas as yet – but can I suggest TripAdvisor for things to do? I always use this amazing website when I plan a trip to a new place….

    • Thank you. We are really excited about this trip. I’ve put my toes in the Pacific Ocean before but neither Jon or Emily have so this is really exciting. Disneyland is definitely a stop too πŸ™‚

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