Thanksgiving 2006

Up until Emily’s year in first grade, we didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving.

Not because we didn’t want to but because I was born and raised in Quebec.  We didn’t celebrate The “Action de Grace” the way Emily wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Fall 2006…

Now that Emily’s teacher taught her all about Thanksgiving.. we found ourselves in an interesting spot… a couple of days before the actual holiday.

We had to invite family and cook some really specific food as per what Emily told me.  I had to google some recipes.

Because Emily could tell us, using her words, we certainly obliged.

Lucky for us, we now had family near by.

We invited, Barb & Greg

house st stephen 2006 308

And Jonathan’s parents

house st stephen 2006 298

We moved the table in the living and set-up the buffet in the kitchen

house st stephen 2006 302house st stephen 2006 305

I bought everything in the colors that Emily said we needed

house st stephen 2006 296

I thought the table looked amazing but Emily had something else in mind

house st stephen 2006 299

Even when she was only 8, she had lots of imagination 🙂  I have always loved that about her.

Before dinner, she made us go around the table and tell what we were thankful for.

So although today is not Thanksgiving, I am thankful for fall being around the corner and for my in-laws and family members living near by.

house st stephen 2006 291 house st stephen 2006 290

Above are 2 pictures that really shows the relationship between Emily and her grandfather.  You can feel the affection they had for each other.  We still miss him deeply and if you have a couple more minutes, I invite you to read how Emily decided to remember her “papie” here!


Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m Canadian! My thanksgiving is now. In November when my American friends will celebrate thanksgiving, I will celebrate it again!

Quite frankly, every day should have a moment where one should feel thankful.

Mines do!

Yes, every single day, I have something to be thankful for.

This last week, as Emily wasn’t feeling well… I’ve done a lot of laundry!

It reminded me of the first couple of years of Emily’s life when she was vomiting multiple times a day.

We were young living in our first house which was on a lake (beautiful spot). The house was a cottage which had been turned into a house. Nothing was leveled but the windows and French door were amazing. I have never had windows like that again!

Our small house had a stackable washer-dryer unit…

Every other weekend, we had to take our surplus of laundry to the laundromat with our vomiting baby in her stroller because those tiny washer-dryer units… They were no match to my girl’s ability to dirty clothes.

So on Friday as I’m starting, yet, another load of laundry. I had a moment when I thought about complaining out loud about non-stop laundry…

Than I remembered the stackable…

And it hit me!

I was so thankful for growing up, full-time employment, moving a couple of times, actually having the opportunity to move for employment, having a kitchen without a stackable unit in it.

As I filled my washing machine for the 5th time that week. I took a second to smile as I put in two sets of bedding, many towels, lots of pajamas and many other things.

I smiled because I won’t have to make a trip to the laundromat.

I smiled because I knew we would figure out what was going on with Emily.

I smiled because I could afford to take a couple of days off to take care of my girl.

I smiled because although I didn’t want to do laundry. I can do laundry!

For that, I’m thankful!


Can you find a daily reason to be thankful?