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Interview with Etta!  Let’s meet Elijah

It’s the time again to introduce you to another family. 

Today we meet Etta and her grandson Elijah. 

1.  Can you tell me about your family?

Our family consists of Michael (my husband), myself, three sons and Beth(our daughter-Elijah’s mom) 9 grandchildren. Beth, Elijah, and Jedidiah live with us.

2. Tell me about your loved one with cri du chat syndrome.  

Elijah is 2yr. We noticed at 8 months old that he was still like an infant. He was not rolling over, showing no signs of sitting, nor anything an 8 month old should be doing. His brother Jedidiah was having therapy with babies can’t wait and we asked them about his behavior. We were sent for diagnostic genetic testing. We were told he was severe cri cu chat. Two weeks later, he rolled over, sat up, and crawled all in the same Week. He can walk but does not yet talk.

3. Tell me about doctor appointment, therapies or school. 

He is now in occupational therapy and speech therapy. He is improving more and more daily! 

Here he is!

4.  What made him laugh on this picture?

He is a happy child. He was laughing because he got to play with Granpa,s drill.(no bit in it).  😊. Oh and he was outside. He loves outside.

5.  Have you had the chance to meet other with cri du chat syndrome yet?  

We hope we will soon. I think it would be fun.

Thank you Etta for taking time to share with me. I hope to meet you and your family one day. 

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