My favorite Easter

Spring 2010

Out of nowhere, a colleague at work asked me if  we had plans for Easter. 

We didn’t have any. 

The next sentence out of her mouth was going to be the trigger to an amazing friendship. 

“Want to go to Arizona?” 

“We would love that!”

Sometimes, you just have to do it!  Just book flights and go to Arizona for Easter with another family. 

Abby is only a year younger than Emily. Lorraine and I have worked in the same building for 4 years. She’s spunky and I like her but I don’t know her that much. I don’t know her husband…

We truly didn’t know if that would work!

We knew Emily was a good flyer. 

I knew I wanted my family to see Arizona. 

Here’s my girl at the Moncton airport…. Bright and early.   

We ended-up stuck in Toronto for 1 night. Flying on stand-by has that kind of built-in excitement :). 

You can get upset or you can go with the flow. 

We decided to make a fun night out of it and booked 2 rooms on the gold floor at the Fairmont Royal York! 

The girls and parents loved it.  

We arrived in Arizona on the Saturday instead of the Friday. 

We were all mesmerized by the cactus and quite hungry. 

We were staying at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess. 

I have to admit, this is one of my favorite place on this planet and I was so excited to have Jon and Emily there with me.  

We changed into summer clothes and explored the property 



My girl looked like a movie star


The next morning was all about the Easter rabbit, Easter egg hunt and Easter brunch. 

We booked the whole Easter rabbit experience.   

Special delivery!  Best wake-up call ever!


Best Easter brunch ever!  I  have been day dreaming about this brunch. 


DSC04374 DSC04375 DSC04376  DSC04379

Best brunch ever!!!

We even did this!!!   


You’ve seen it before…. 🙂


We explored the grounds some more and booked a cabana by the pool for the whole day on Monday.  

We had drinks, fruits, ice cream, shade, a tv and reserved seating poolside.    


Best Easter ever!

My family discovered my favorite hotel and we all made new friends!!!

Best friends!  

Karaoke & Hockey

Emily: “Mom, guess what?”

Me: “What?”

Emily: “I sing karaoke today?”

Me: “Where?”

Emily: “At school”

Me: “Ok, but where?  Room 235?”

Emily: “The auditorium!” (With a little smug expression)

Me: “On the stage?”

Emily (looking somewhat annoyed that I wasn’t getting it): “Yes!!! On the stage. I did “let it go” and the whole school sing with me!  The whole school!  It was awesome”

Me: “You sang karaoke on the stage in front of the whole school?”

Emily (with stars in her eyes): “It was awesome!  The whole school song with me”

This conversation went on for awhile….

Me: “What else did you do today?”

Emily: “At the cafeteria, people came to talk to me. Say “wow” “amazing” “way to go Em” …”

Karaoke…. My girl sang karaoke in front of kids from her high school and they sang along 🙂 to “let it go” from Frozen.  

That made her day but the cherry on top of the sundae???

Zach Sill was traded Pittsburg to Toronto. So as of last night, Emily’s favorite hockey player plays for her favorite team. 

She was so happy when we told her, she cried!

And tonight, he’s wearing is Toronto Maple Leafs uniform!! 

Tonight he is the cherry on top of the sundae!

 And as I’m typing, we just saw him! 

It’s a good day for my girl!!!