Karaoke & Hockey

Emily: “Mom, guess what?”

Me: “What?”

Emily: “I sing karaoke today?”

Me: “Where?”

Emily: “At school”

Me: “Ok, but where?  Room 235?”

Emily: “The auditorium!” (With a little smug expression)

Me: “On the stage?”

Emily (looking somewhat annoyed that I wasn’t getting it): “Yes!!! On the stage. I did “let it go” and the whole school sing with me!  The whole school!  It was awesome”

Me: “You sang karaoke on the stage in front of the whole school?”

Emily (with stars in her eyes): “It was awesome!  The whole school song with me”

This conversation went on for awhile….

Me: “What else did you do today?”

Emily: “At the cafeteria, people came to talk to me. Say “wow” “amazing” “way to go Em” …”

Karaoke…. My girl sang karaoke in front of kids from her high school and they sang along 🙂 to “let it go” from Frozen.  

That made her day but the cherry on top of the sundae???

Zach Sill was traded Pittsburg to Toronto. So as of last night, Emily’s favorite hockey player plays for her favorite team. 

She was so happy when we told her, she cried!

And tonight, he’s wearing is Toronto Maple Leafs uniform!! 

Tonight he is the cherry on top of the sundae!

 And as I’m typing, we just saw him! 

It’s a good day for my girl!!!