A to Z Challenge – Day 9 – I



The flu that Jon, Emily and I have been entertaining for the last 10 days has managed to put us almost behind in our A to Z Challenge.

Tonight, Emily sat at the table and couldn’t think about anything to write with regards to the word “Imagination”.

This is the girl who has a really elaborated pretend world.Β  She has imaginary friends living with us, she invents stories for her dolls and webkinz.Β  She makes videos of Paw Patrol stories she invents but she couldn’t come up with anything for the word she picked.

After lots of prompting and telling her that her fans are waiting for her next post, we managed to get this:

What do you think?

A to Z Challenge 2016 – Lessons from my Daughter (PR) #857


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It’s not always about milestones and successes

Lately, I have shared with you some older blog posts and some more recent success stories.

Most of the blog activities and facebook pages for kids with Cri du Chat syndrome are about the little ones.Β  Not many are about teenagers or young adults, I am an anomaly…


This morning, we went shoes and clothes shopping and got lots of new items for Emily!

We went for a late breakfast after all the shopping!

When our plates arrived, I did what I always do.Β  I set my plate aside and started to fix-up hers.Β  I started by cutting all the fruits in bite-size pieces, moved the smoked salmon aside, cut her bagels in manageable pieces, added the salmon back on top, moved the red onions and capers to the side, cut the tomatoes…

My food was lukewarm by the time I was ready to eat.Β  I’ve been eating lukewarm to cold food for 17 years now… It taste good.Β  Actually, I can’t eat hot food or drink hot coffee anymore!

As we ate, Emily started talking about her upcoming blog and what she would like to talk about than reminded me that I promised to write about her love of the Paw Patrol tv show…

If you have little ones and still don’t know about the Paw PatrolΒ  You need to check it out as theyΒ  will soon invade your house!

If you have a sense of humor, you should read this post that appeared in my facebook feed earlier this week.Β  Click HERE!

Meanwhile, my 17 year old daughter loves those puppies and spent months asking us to go to all the stores in town to find an Everest to add to her collection.

We didn’t find Everest but eventually found this kit!

These figurines come with their pup packs and she got the silly chicken and cute cat too!

Emily was so happy to have them all now and obviously, if we were only missing Everest… you can assume that we have doubles…

Each dog has been matched with a princess, each match was made for a really specific reason.

Jon and I keep moving the princesses and dogs around just for fun.Β  It takes Emily seconds to realize that her toys have been moved πŸ™‚Β  She continues to fix them up.Β  It’s amazing how she notices instantly when we do that.

Those figurines aren’t the only Paw Patrol puppies we have in the house.

Emily has manyΒ Webkinz so she picked 7 and named them after the Paw Patrol.Β  Those resides on her headboard.

Emily also have the pretend Paw Patrol puppies living with us.

Emily has a big pretend world!

Our house is full of so many pretend friends!


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