To put the fun back in fundraising!

Over the years, Emily has volun”told” me on more than one occasion.

“My mom will do it!”


This is normally how this happens. Something is being discussed at school, Emily wants to be part of it so suddenly, I am part of it. πŸ™‚

I recognize the significant progress my daughter has made over the years which now allows her to sign-up for things and drag me along…

At the same time, sleeping on a gym mat in a middle school gym is not something I wish to have to do again.

This time, I turned the table around and volunteered Emily!… and I.

Her field of dream baseball team has been invited to Toronto next June to take part in the National Challenger Baseball Jamboree.

You can read about the 2013 edition of the Jamboree on this website

June 2014, our kids are to show-up at the Blue Jays game at the Roger Centre which I still call the SkyDome…. and after the game, they will play baseball, right there where the Blue Jays were playing!

I wrote about Emily’s baseball team and how amazing this experience has been for her and her teammates so far. You can read my “most viewed post ever” right here: Some experience you just can’t buy!

Last week, I asked Emily if she knew how many kids in her high school ever played at the SkyDome. She said “lots”, I replied probably none of them. Her reaction? “Really???”

I would like for her to understand that this is quite a big deal. I don’t want to stress her about it but I want her to understand how unique of an opportunity this is.

Look at our baseball team!


Our kids have a blast playing baseball and they get to do it because of great volunteers and sponsors!

We even had a chance this summer to say thank you to who we believe were the original driving force behind our successful program. I realize Pat and Charline are not big on getting credit for this amazing program as we have tons of volunteers who are instrumental in the success of the Field of dream team but they do deserve some credits as they rallied all those volunteers and they are coordinating the program for us.

Have a look at this short CTV news interview, if not for Pat and Charline, because Emily actually spoke to the camera! My girl is a superstar!!!

Back to our trip to Toronto!

To make this happens for them … actually for all of us, we will need to work extra hard over the 6 next months to raise money and plan this properly.

We are a short flight away (2.5 hours) or a 27 hours or so on the train or 1,700 km by car…. 17 hours of driving without stopping … LOL! like that would happen with any of our kids!

Now, we need to raise funds!

We are starting with selling chocolate bars.

They are delicious and I believe that as a group we are selling quite a bit right now. If you are around Moncton and would like to buy some chocolate, I can hook you up! If you would like to help us sell chocolate! I can certainly hook you up with some boxes to sell!!! Let me know!

So far, I am selling chocolate and Emily is eating it!!! She’s eaten 4 of them… and every time she takes one, I make her put $2 in the box from her piggy bank. At that speed, I am not sure if she will eat all the chocolates or run out of money first… more to come on this! πŸ™‚

Within a week, we will start selling raffle tickets on a $500 valued prize. $250 gift card at the Atlantic Superstore and $250 at Champlain Place (our mall in Moncton). We will sell to everybody we know, we will sell at the Atlantic Superstore (Emily will wear her baseball jersey and be there with me) , we will also have a table at an office building downtown! The draw will be Dec.15th. This gives the winner enough time to use those gift cards on their Christmas shopping!

1 ticket for $2 or 3 for $5

Again, if you would like some, let me know! I can hook you up! πŸ™‚ I am that connected LOL!!!

After the holidays, we will get a final tally on the kids who want to travel to Toronto and we will continue to fundraise.

We will talk to all the transports company around here. Air Canada, Porter, West Jet, Via Rail and anyone else that could help us get our players, families and volunteers to Toronto.

We will look at hotel prices and try to come up with cost for meals and transportation from airport to the hotel and to the Roger Centre and back.

We will do all that while smiling because once we pull this together, our kids will have a chance to experience something none of us has ever experienced. They will play baseball at the SkyDome… oups! At the Roger Centre in Toronto with the Blue Jays alumni and some current players.

Look at Emily this past summer when she played with the Blue Jays alumni in Moncton.

IMG_3802 IMG_3833 IMG_3841 IMG_3845

So, my questions for you today are:

1. What is a great fundraiser?

2. What should we do to raise money to get our kids to Toronto?

3. Can you help us?

4. Do you know anyone who could?

I can’t wait to read all your comments here and on Facebook.

And if you would be so king to click on my top mommy blogs website and help my ranking, I would appreciate that too!!!!


Some experiences you just can’t buy!

Yesterday afternoon was magical!

It was magical for Emily, for her team mates from the Field of Dreams, for all the parents standing there and taking pictures and making videos, for the volunteers, for the Hub City Brewers and for the Blue Jays organization and former players!

Yesterday was something money can’t buy for our kids with various ability levels.

Look at this video of Emily!

If you are new to my blog, you are probably thinking that Emily is a pretty poor baseball player.


That’s ok! I get it….

The guy pitching was close to her, he pretty much gave her the ball before she kinda ran to first base…

Allow me to help you see the magic in that short video.

Emily was diagnosed with Cri du chat syndrome in October 1999 when she was 15 months old.

At the time, we were told (amongst other things) that she would never walk, understand us, recognize us, communicate with us, her brain & body would never function properly.

Now… remember that video!

She is exactly where she needs to be, standing on her own, swinging that bat around to warm-up, keeping her eyes on the pitcher and on the ball. Her eyes are telling her brain that the ball is coming and her brain is telling her arms and hands to move at the exact time required to hit that ball. Once she’s made contact with the ball, she puts the bat down and runs to first base. At first base, she high fives…. Roberto Alomar!

Who’s Roberto Alomar? Come on… really? You don’t know???

Here’s his Wikipedia page:

So… now that you know all the things Emily would never do and that not only she’s awesome on that video, she’s also playing baseball with former Blue Jays player and Hall of Famer Robbie Alomar….

Let me ask you again, how is that video?

I admit that my voice is annoying but overall that video is amazing!!!

The afternoon was beyond anything I could have imagined.

Look at Emily’s team!


Look at those smiles!

We made first page of the local newspaper


I wished the newspaper would still let you read it on-line for free, I would have love to give you the link to the article because it’s great. They talk about the Blue Jays players but they mostly talk about our players.

See these guys with Emily?


She was chatting with them while the “Blue” were at the bat!

The guy on the left is Sandy Alomar Sr.,_Sr.

Later on when he was signing Emily’s new Blue Jays t-shirt, I asked him what they were talking about earlier…


Turns out Emily was telling him about hockey and Justin Bieber….

LOL…. she talked to a former MLB player about her favorite sport to watch….. Hockey!!!

How awesome is that? Talk about full honesty, no pretenses, no BS… just 100% Emily truth.

In the newspaper article, they mentioned how one of our player asked Duane Ward if he plays Super Mario. πŸ™‚ The guy won 2 world series but our player wanted to talk about video games … and apparently, Duane is not really good at video games.

IMG_3845 IMG_3839 IMG_3837

3 years ago, Emily lasted 15 to 20 minutes a week at baseball than wanted to go home, Now she stays for the hour and a half. She gets there, says hi to Lexie, Jacob, Pascale, Taylor and so many more… She gives Brent a hug, says hello to Pat (the field of dream pitcher) than look for Mikey. He’s number 7 for the Hub City Brewers and he is Emily’s favorite guy. Not sure why she picked him… but over the last 3 years, that guy has allowed her to talk about Justin Bieber as much as she wants. He is helping her learn to catch the ball… that’s a work in progress and he is not giving up. In previous years, when Mikey was not there, Emily used to be completely lost but now she can go see another player and manages just fine.

When people look at our kids they see their differences, they see their disabilities.

Yesterday on that baseball field, I only saw abilities…. abilities of various levels. Everybody at the same level, it’s easy when the game is just a game. Everybody went to bat and went around all the bases. Nobody counted points, not because they are all winners but because it was a game! It was fun!


Grey or Blue team didn’t matter, they all cheered for each other, they all high fived each other, they all laughed and ran and played!

Yesterday was the kind of day you can’t buy for our kids, this is the kind of day that happens only when a group of amazing people get together and believe in a common cause…


Thank you to all that made that day possible!

Yesterday, Emily’s baseball team was invited to participate in a 90 minutes baseball game with some former Blue Jays that were in town as part of Blue Jays Honda Super camp

Emily’s field of Dreams team exist because of the Hub City Brewers, their wifes and girlfriends, their friends and some other great volunteers…

Those guys, all have jobs, they train with their team, they play games from Spring to Fall and spend 1.5 hour per week with our kids, playing baseball. Making each and every single one of them feel like a pro baseball player.

The opportunity to play with the Blue Jays was made possible by an alignment of stars and the contribution of not only the Blue Jays and the Hub City Brewers but also the involvement of Baseball Canada’s challenger program.

Thank you to all of you!