What some take for granted we cherish and celebrate…

From the get go, we knew Emily was different. 

Nobody believed us but we knew. 

What we didn’t know was why and what it meant. 

She didn’t have that survival instinct that makes a newborn latch on their mother or on a bottle…

She didn’t seem to understand how to drink at all…

We knew she was different. 

We struggled immensely while trying to feed her but we never gave up. 

15 months later we had a diagnosis of cri du chat syndrome.

Emily’s syndrome has changed our life’s.  

What many take for granted, we cherish. Accomplishments that are too small for others to notice, we celebrate. 

Emily’s diagnosis has changed us. 

In the future weeks, I will repost previous posts that explains what Cri du chat syndrome is and share some of my favorite blogs showing how Emily is defining herself as opposed to allowing her syndrome to define her. 

If you are new at following my blog and want to learn about other families with a child or adult with Cri du chat syndrome, search my site for interviews. 

Emily’s syndrome has given us an extended family of incredible individuals. Come meet them! 

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In the meantime, here is a preview of my next post…

Yes, after years of wanting to be a cheerleader, Emily did it!

She’s a cheerleader, her team had a showcase over the weekend and are now getting ready for competition season. 

I’m loving how fearless she is!



To be grateful is great. 

Some days it’s easier than others. 

Can you find reasons to be grateful when you are sick?

I told you yesterday that Emily had a nasty cold IMG_8421

It took her 9 days but she successfully pass her cold to me. 

Yeah!!!! (Can you feel the sarcasm?)

So today, I looked for reasons to be grateful. 

1. Owning a house with comfy furnitures and hot water. 

2. Jonathan works from home so I didn’t have to take a sick day to stay here with Emily

3. Sick days – I could have stayed home today but decided to go to work. 

4. Having the disposable income required to stop by the drugstore and buy all kind of lozenges … And some candy bars. 

5. Coming home to find that Emily is still sick but better than this morning. 

6. My night table with my box of tissues with aloe lotion in them. 

7. My bed! 

Can you find reasons to be grateful on a bad day?