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To be a cheerleader…

I am trying to write once again! I miss it terribly but can’t force my brain to heal faster than is required.

I am also hoping to be able to do a full week of work soon, I miss being on top of my game.

I miss my healthy brain!

Enough about me!

Emily has had a desire to be a cheerleader for years. We have gym mats on the floor in her playroom.  In her world, she is a cheerleader!

She has the high school musical cheerleader outfit.  She has many pom poms.

Even her American Girl Dolls are cheerleaders.

We tried to put her in a team last summer.  They wanted to accommodate her but had no idea how to do it.  It didn’t work out.  Emily was overwhelmed and the solution proposed was to put a 14 year old 5’5″ tall with the younger kids… Like that wouldn’t make her the center of attention.

We refused that option, Emily was disappointed but got over it. We all did.

This past summer, another cheerleading club took a couple of kids with special needs and practiced the basics of cheer.  It went well!

My bestie’s daughter and Emily’s best friend was one of the coach.  I got updates here and there about how it was going.

When they decided to open it up to more kids this fall, we decided to give it a try.

Currently, there is only 3 kids registered and 4 or 5 coaches….  That’s great.  More kids would be more fun but right now, Emily is getting the attention she needs to learn basics and build self-confdence.

I have promised Emily a trip to Lululemon in Halifax if she keeps going!  I know I am bribing her but this is some serious exercise for her!  After 40 minutes, she wants to call it quit and after the hour, she is sweaty….  🙂


As Emily is struggling with some basic things like jumping while holding her arms up in the air or basic summersaults… I am thinking about adding yoga to our life…  yoga for kids, Emily and I could do it and daddy would help with Emily’s balance… slowly, it should help stretch Emily’s legs and build more balance!

If you can suggest any program, please let me know.  Wii or Kinect games are not necessarily good because they ask the person playing to perform up to a certain standard otherwise you are “not good enough” which is really upsetting for Emily.  Programs on DVD would be better!

More to come on this project and how Emily is doing!

But before I go, please enjoy this 5 seconds accomplishment from my amazing daughter!

6 thoughts on “To be a cheerleader…

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  3. How fun! I think yoga is a great idea, but I don’t have any suggestions. I love that she’s getting to live her dreams and that you are helping her be responsible. And I totally believe in bribing. 🙂 I even bribe myself to complete some tasks!

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