New York City – Day 3

Day 3 in New York City started quite early…

By 6:30am, we were all awake and searching for a place to grab breakfast on Urban Spoon

We settled on Sarabeth’s


Ok, overall, this was a more expensive breakfast than the day before but OMGosh!!!

The food was delicious and our server was efficient, polite, smiling and cute!


Jon had the eggs benedict for $18 with a side of bacon!

Look at that side…. that’s an $8 side of bacon that’s actually worth $8


I had a spinach and goat cheese omelette with a scone $15


And Emily had the best Pumpkin waffle ever!!!  $16


Soooo good!  We all had a bite, she added syrup to it and ate the whole thing.


We had coffee and were not rushed to leave the table when we were done!

Overall a great breakfast experience.

With our full tummies, we hopped on the Tour bus and started exploring the city

We hoped off the bus at Time Square and walked around.  We explored and I took pictures.



M&M Store


Billboards everywhere!


Disney Store


Sidewalk mascots who will grab your child for hugs and pictures than show you their tips purses…

I paid this time and kept all the others at bay…


The Ferris wheel at Toys R Us.  Emily and I got the Barbie car!!!


Emily, Madison (the doll) and me in front of Madison Square Garden…. where all of Justin’s fans stood one day before his concert!

Can you see the grumpy starting to happen on Emily’s face?

We continued to walk around, looking for the Hello Kitty store which we didn’t find at this time…

As we kept looking, it started to rain and that combined with our lack of luck in finding the Hello Kitty created a really grumpy girl.

That’s when Emily had her second meltdown.

She stood in the rain and cried, I moved us under cover and tried to calm her down but it didn’t work.

We waved a cab and went back to the hotel where we could put some dry clothes on and go down to the food court to grab sushis for lunch.

We bought a salmon mousse, a salami, 2 cheese, crackers, some fruits, veggies and humus…  That was going to be our dinner later!

We also bought some macaroons!  A new experience for both Jon and Emily.


They each had a dark chocolate ganache in the middle which wasn’t what I was expecting so my family wasn’t really excited about them.  They were still good just not what I wanted them to try for their 1st time.

That afternoon, we went back on the bus and did the full city tour without hoping off again.

Look at my movie star!!!


We saw tons of things and I am not going to put all the pictures up but we had a great time.

Once the tour was done, we grabbed a hot-dog from a street cart and enjoyed it on a bench.

Than we did something I am not all that proud of but…. we only live once right?

We went back to FAO Schwartz and bought candies…. $76 worth of candies! And a bacon lip balm!  🙂


We went back to the hotel, showered, turned the tv on and set-up our feast of cheese, crackers, veggies, humus and more…  Once we were done, Emily started working on those candies…

2 weeks later, we are still not done eating them!

By 9pm we were all asleep, getting some rest in order to be top shape to tackle day 4.

How we plan our trips!!!!

Here is the thing with Emily, if she is part of the planning and knows what is going to happen… the experience will be better for all involved

We’ve traveled by car quite a bit in her younger years and we moved 3 times so we knew we could do this if planned well…

Our first “plane” trip was in January 2009!  Emily was 9 and a half and we went to Disney in Florida.  We only had 1 surprise for her (a princess make-over), everything else she knew about.

Disney Jan 2008 107

Isn’s this picture amazing???

We explained the airport, the security, she helped pick the hotel, I got a book about the parks and we added a day trip to Sea World!

She did so well…

We had planned for meltdowns and tantrums but we got none!

Yeah for Emily  🙂

She knew how many days we were going to be there and we had a daily countdown.  On the way back, the Disney bus driver ask her if she was sad to go home and she said…  “No, I’m ready to go home!”  She was exhausted and happy!

Yeah for us!!!

One day, I will tell you all about that trip!

Since Disney, we’ve travelled to Boston, Dallas, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Scottsdale, Bermuda and now we are planning a trip to New York City for this summer!

Every single one of those trips could get one or more posts on there own!  I will get to that I some point…

We’ve only traveled without Emily once and that was a lot of planning!  This will be worth a post as well!!!

It’s much easier to travel with Emily than without her.

So, New York City…..

We’ve been planning this for at least 6 months now.  We are going to a conference for Emily’s syndrome – the 5P- society for the cri du chat syndrome!!!  She calls it her conference, she had me read her the brochure and even made her own brochure to present her class…  We will finally meet others with Emily’s syndrome!  That will be a first for us!

We are adding 5 days before the conference to spend time in NYC on our own!

Emily has made a list of what she wants to do!

1. See the Statue of Liberty.  No need to go in, which works perfectly as I am not sure if it’s open yet and I didn’t really want to spend that much time in there anyway…. It’s amazing how things work out sometimes!

2. Top of the Empire state building

3. Central Park Zoo…. you know to see the Madagascar animals.  🙂

4. The Grand Central Terminal… from Madagascar and Arthur

5. FAO Schwartz… for the piano in the Big movie

6. We need to go look at Madison Square Garden… after all, Justin Bieber was there!



But before any of that can happen, we need to go to the American Girl Doll store!!!

So, on the Saturday, we should be in NYC around 11am.  Our hotel room won’t be ready… so we will leave our suitcases at The Barclay (Intercontinental)… and walk down to the American Girl Doll store.  Emily has looked at the floor plan and has picked her next doll, she wants to go to their photo studio and we have reservation for afternoon tea.

The new doll will be named Madison…  as a reference to point #6 above!

Emily already has 11 of those dolls….  I know, you are judging us right now….  Who would buy that many American girl dolls…?

I am judging myself too!

The thing is, I blame Lorraine for all of this but that is also a story for another time…

Emily is 15 and plays with her dolls, she remembers their birthdays and takes care of them.  She will most likely have them forever and plays with them for years to come…!  It’s a long term investment.  We didn’t buy them all, some she bought with her own money and some were gifts from her grandparents…


Back to NYC!

First stop, the AGD store than to our room to play dolls!  On the Sunday, we move to the hotel I wanted to stay at but was full on Saturday!!!  We are going to stay at The Plaza, a Fairmont Hotel for 4 nights!!! We will feel like royalty!

Home Alone, Eloise and so many other movies and tv shows have showed us the Plaza over the years…  this is really exciting.

We will have Dim Sum at some point – if any of you reading this live in NYC and would like to recommend a place, please do so!  I am still trying to decide where to book!

We will go to a Broadway show.  I am thinking the Lion king!

We will do a boat tour and a bus tour!

We have to go to a least 1 museum… Emily loves painting so the Met, MOMA or the Guggenheim…

And of course Time Square!

Emily knows everything we will be doing while in NYC, she is excited about the trip!

She travels like a pro and can handle airport security really easily.  She gets ready faster than most of those “world travellers” complaining about how slow the security lines are only to slow them down too…

Don’t you love these???

Emily has stayed at 4 and 5 star hotels on multiple occasions and eats in fine dinning restaurant as easily as she eats at diner!!!  It’s amazing how by exposing her to travels, cities, art, food and nice hotels, … she developed a taste for it!!!

She expects doorman to open the car door and she puts the napkins on her knee when she sits down for a meal…

We’ve created a really well mannered monster!


I know, one day that will bit me back in the …. bottom but I am enjoying this!

How do you plan your travels with your kids?