Don’t judge what you don’t know!

Reblogging to complement my other post and provide more insights into this side of raising Emily.

Lessons from my daughter

IMG_7140If you have been following Lessons from my Daughter for awhile, you know about the famous elbow to the head.

It happened on October 2nd 2013 and I wrote about here: It’s not nice to hit

Come on, go back and click the link, it will help you follow where I am going.

I rarely write about the downside of having a child who doesn’t quite control her movements.

That hit on October 2nd 2013 did something to me.

To start, it gave me a concussion.  I tried to ignore it for a week before the headaches and discomfort made me consult.

It took me 2 weeks before I woke-up without a headache.

By Halloween (29 days later) I was still not well so I treated you to pictures of Emily dressing up.  The art of dressing up! Not just for halloween…!

A couple of days later I went…

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From concussion to TMJ

It’s been a little over 3 and a half year since the famous “elbow to the head” hit and I am now alternating monthly visits with my awesome massage therapist and amazing chiropractor.

My dentist agreed to get me a bite plate to stop me from locking my jaw at night which triggers headaches while undoing all the good work Sasha and Todd are doing on my jaw when I visit them.

I know now that my jaw and all the muscles around it will forever need gentle care…

Is there a good news? Yes, I went away on business last week and my ears didn’t kill me when landing to go get my connection or when I landed at my final destination. Two stops in the past would have been really painful. I also didn’t land with a massive headache which was an amazing feeling and left me much more productive the next day!

Yeah for small improvements!


Lessons from my daughter

What am I talking about?

Some of you might recall I took an elbow to the left side of my face on October 2nd 2013.

Almost 2 years ago…

I wrote about the hit and about my not so quick recovery in the following posts:

It’s not nice to hit
Slowly but surely
That was 2 years ago….

Every time I tell the story of the elbow hit, I have to say it was Emily that did this to me and I feel compel to add that she didn’t do it on purpose.

She couldn’t hit me that way if she tried.

She doesn’t always controlled all of her body parts. Over the years, I’ve been bitten, slapped, scratched, vomitted on, coughed on, sneezed on and much more.

The elbow, was an accident.

Why am I still talking about it?

It looks like I am not done suffering from the…

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