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Busy weekend

When Emily was little I worried about her future.


To put this in context, you need to remember that in October 1999…

Just days after the picture above was taken…  Genetic counselors a at the Montreal Children Hospital told us that due to Emily having Cri Du Chat syndrome, her future meant…

No walking!

No talking!

No understanding us!

No showing emotions!

No eating solid food!

At no point did they say this was a worst case scenario.

There was no doubt in their mind that this was going to be Emily’s life and we could see them feeling sorry for us.

We decided to give Emily the best life possible and that we would adjust to her needs and limitations.

This past weekend, was busy…

We had a roofing company over, putting a new roof on our house…

Meanwhile, Emily was starting her Cheer fall sessions.  It was time to talk goals and prepare a lesson plan She loved cheer this past summer so she’s ready for more.  Remember this picture?IMG_2820

An hour after cheer was done, Emily was at her baseball’s team end of summer game and party.  

  Emily and all her team mates got team jackets!  How cool is that?

  We had 39 players this year, divided into 2 groups.
We concluded Saturday with attending a hockey game.

Sunday morning, Emily was volunteering at her riding club. When coaches are tested to move up in their certifications, they need riders and Emily wants to help.


Emily helped coaches from other clubs on Sunday and they loved her 🙂

We had a busy weekend!

None of these would be possible if it wasn’t for amazing people getting together and wanting to provide opportunities for kids with special needs.

Thank you Cheer Olympia


Thank you Field of Dreams


And thank you Cavalier riding club


You are amazing and although I was grateful for this busy weekend to be over, I am even more grateful for the opportunities you are giving Emily and many others.

Thank you to your board of directors or owners and thank you to the volunteers who give their time, energy and positivity.

All of you, are part of our family now!

In the coming weeks, I will share more about Emily’s riding club as she starts her fall session this week and I will let you know more about Emily’s baseball team and our fully accessible baseball field project…

23 thoughts on “Busy weekend

  1. I love this! Doctors never can be certain what our children will be like. They give us these grim prognosis not knowing us our the capacity of our children to triumph over their words. Love the pictures and the hope.

  2. What a beautiful life for your beautiful miracle! I love it! ❤ 👍 It’s just simply astonishing how some docs will be so flat out negative with their prognosis, and then others will completely deny any disease whatsoever as they did with me for decades…
    I’m just so happy to see that you and Emily both have such a lovely, lively and wonderful life with all things considered! 😘 💝

    • Emily was 15 months when we received her diagnosis. For the first 12 months, the doctors we saw kept telling us she was fine and that we were over-reacting. Nothing was wrong…
      It wasn’t years but those 12 months were difficult… Really difficult.
      We are lucky to have Emily in our life. She’s amazing and because of her and her syndrome we’ve met many great people.
      We do have a wonderful life.
      Thank you for reading. 😊

      • Wow that’s amazing. I’m so glad that it’s all worked out for the best for you guys! Sending you my love! 😙 💞 Melanie

    • Kids with cri du chat syndrome are, in my opinion, on a wide spectrum. Maybe one day, the genetic analysis of the short arm(p) of the 5th chromosome will be telling us more about the outcome. As for now, nobody knows when they get their diagnosis how profoundly affected their loved ones will be.

  3. What a marvelous testimony to the resilience and infinite capacity of the human spirit to triumph over problems. And just look at all of the opportunities you have given her. Admittedly with the help of many organizations but I’m willing to bet that there are many special needs children who don’t get these chances because the parents either can’t help, won’t help or simply don’t check into the potential to help their children. Well done mom and I love the pictures. She was a beautiful baby and she’s an amazing young lady.

      • This truck was recently retired – it’s going to be converted to a support truck for a friend’s marathon motorbike rally of 7500km raising funds for SIDSandKids Queensland….. I was a tad worried about my neighbours thinking that our house was on fire

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