Comfort food for nasty head cold sufferers

When the head cold hits, I make soup! 


That’s a lot of soup for a family of 3!

I don’t follow recipes when I cook unless I’m trying something new and even than, a recipe is a guideline. 

How do I make a chicken and vegetable soup?

1. Take all the vegetables out of the fridge, countertop bowl and cupboard

2. Pick what you feel would work in a soup. This time it was: garlic, sweet onion, red onion, purple carrots, celeri, green beans, cauliflowers, red potatoes and tomatoes… I think!  All fresh from our weekly farm basket!

3. Add chicken and some chicken broth. 

4. Add all the herbs you like (and in my case this week, what I could smell… Remember head cold!)

Emily loved the soup!  

Her words: “mom is that homemade cause it’s really good”

My girl!

What about those beets you ask?

I realized we had many beets in the fridge when I took everything out for the soup… So I boiled them. 

I’m not sure if Emily likes beets, she doesn’t ask for them and because I love beets so much, I never force anyone else to eat them. 

I’m nice like that. 

In our farm basket this week we had some nice chard so while Emily only wanted Mac N Cheese…

I let my cooking creativity go and made this…

A little butter, some sugar and a splash or 2 of apple cider vinegar

Lots of vitamin C in there. 

I plated it with some left over rice we had from the night before

 This could have fed 2 easily but Jon was working and Em was in paradise eating her Mac N Cheese. 

I slowly ate the whole thing! 

Is there a vegetable out there you can’t never have enough of?

Back to school

Emily is starting grade 11 on Wednesday!

I can’t believe my baby is 17 and going into grade 11…

So as of today, we need to get into our school routine and one thing we absolutely need is food!

Homemade meals for lunches and dinner.

So today, we cooked…

Before we tackled this cooking, we had to eat so hubby made us breakfast

Toast with bacon, egg, fresh tomato and avocado covered under mozzarella.  You gotta love a man who can cook!


I made one of Emily’s favorite.  Shepperd’s pie!  Only corn, no peas and carrots….  If you make yours with peas and carrots, it’s perfectly fine with me.  Should you invite me for dinner and serve Shepperd’s pie with peas and carrots, I will eat it and love it but mine is made with corn.


Last week, I discovered Shake N Bake…  How did I go 40 years without knowing I could do this with chicken is puzzling to me…  So today I made chicken fingers.  Easy to make, good on their own with dipping sauce and succulent in sandwiches.


Jonathan made his biscuits…. yummy delicious and oversize biscuit.  Good with fresh jam, nutella, peanut butter and bananas or with soup…


Speaking of soup I made a yummy Potage Parmentier.  Mine is a really simple recipe.  Leek, a little garlic, potatoes and vegetable broth.  Once it is all cooked, it goes in the blender.  No cream required!

Today we added a small amount of mushrooms because they were chopped 🙂

IMG_3949 IMG_3958

I can make many yummy meatloaf but today, Jonathan decided he was making a meatloaf inspired by a recipe in his new cookbook:   The Ketogenic Cookbook

I say inspired as we didn’t have all the ingredients…

I call this, his caterpillar meatloaf…


Regardless of the look of it, it’s delicious.


I made my zucchini-banana bread loafs (minus the nuts) into muffins so Emily can take them to school!


I also have chicken salad for sandwiches, lots of veggies for crudites and dip, a variety of cheeses, some fruits and many snacks for the lunch boxes.

Oh, and I still have everything I need to make another one like this!


Today was a good day, except for the part where we hit 30 degrees celsius which is 86 degrees farenheit and we have a tiny AC unit that didn’t quite cool down the kitchen, even with a fan on…