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Interview with Bonnie!  Let’s meet Turner!

On this beautiful Sunday, allow me to introduce you to Bonnie and her family. 

Hello Bonnie, can you tell me a little bit about your family?

Our family is made up of me, my husband Blaine, our daughter Angelina(10) and our son Turner (8) I also have a step daughter that doesn’t live with us. She’s 19. I was 32 when Turner was born. Blaine was 34. We had no struggles during pregnancy. 


Can you tell me more about your loved one who has cri du chat syndrome?

Turner was diagnosed just after he turned 2. He had raspy breathing and snoring which lead us to discover he had laryngomalacia, a soft voice box. When they saw him they asked about his not walking and talking at the age of 2. That lead us to an amazing pediatrician and genetics testing. 

Can you tell me about doctor appointments, therapies and/or school?

Our home is located 800 km/ 500 miles from the nearest center that can execute these types of testing. Travel is not optional and with  Turners diagnosis, we began traveling more than ever. 

Turner is a strong headed, bossy, sensitive kid. He’s typical in many ways. His best friend is probably his sister. She can understand the struggling words he chokes out, and knows how to make him laugh. 

His school has been a major partner in his progress. They have found his words, they have taught him to count. He can read about 200 sight words!!! I nearly cry just thinking about it!!  
They taught him to potty train, ride a bicycle with training wheels and are now working on riding a scooter. They even supported us by buying jewelry when we took the puzzling piece challenge to earn him an iPad. We couldn’t do it without them. 


Tell me a success story!

This winter, the boy that would never talk or walk, learned to read and ice skate! There’s nothing more Canadian than ice skating!! 


 Anything else you would like the world to know! 

Turner is not a common kid. He has no fear and will stop at nothing to do or get what he wants. That, I believe, will lead him to successes beyond our imaginations. ❤️

Turners diagnosis encouraged his step sister Haley to enroll in post secondary school to become a Special Needs Teaching Assistant. We are quite proud of her.


This is Turner and grandpa swordfighting with pool noodle light sabers.

Thank you Bonnie!

4 thoughts on “Interview with Bonnie!  Let’s meet Turner!

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  2. Thanks for sharing! What a cute little guy. I love how he has triumphed and proven the experts wrong.

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