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Tea time!

For her birthday, Emily received this from Barb and Greg! 

Only someone who really knows Emily could have picked such a perfect gift. 

A perfect tea pot for one and organic silk dragon jasmine tea from David’s tea.  Emily loves jasmine tea and Barb obviously listens to Emily’s stories because she bought this without asking us for Emily’s favorite kind of tea. 

Emily’s favorite tea from David’s tea is: 
She discovered it in Bermuda… 

My girl likes expensive tea so I limit how much of this one she gets to drink but she doesn’t mind because….

We have another 30 or so different tea on the shelf..

I know, we need to make some room to display them better.  

This is how it looked before it got over crowded…

We also have some more in the cupboard…

Yes, we are addicted to tea.  

Warm tea and iced tea!


Matcha tea!


Thank you Emily for taking us on this journey to discovering tea!

16 thoughts on “Tea time!

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  2. Ah, a tea connoisseur. I learned a little about tea last year, how it’s brewed around the world, the unique teas that we don’t see on our grocery store shelves. What a great gift.

    • I wouldn’t call our selfs connoisseur, we just enjoy tea and keep trying them. We have a wonderful tea shop here and they are always more than happy to sell us more :). Thank you for reading!

  3. Having been in the UK 10 times over the last 30 years, we’ve become quite the tea drinkers. I mainly have coffee but Kathy always has tea in the morning (with just a little drop of milk). And none of this weak American stuff. We have to order it from either England or Ireland. Emily has good taste and Kathy would love that tea pot.

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