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Interview with Maricris – let’s meet Dustine Aaron

Hi there!  

I know I’ve been MIA for over a week now but I had a valid reason. 

Emily’s dream came true!  We’ve been traveling to Florida and had an awesome time. I was the official photographer 🙂 and once I figure out how to get my pictures move from the camera to the computer, I will show you!!!

Today, we talk with Maricris about her family and more specifically, about Dustine Aaron, her handsome son. 

Q1. Can you tellement a little about yourself and your family?  

A1. Hi, my name is Maricris Mina from Philippines, my  partner is Ronald Magcalas and we have a child named Dustine  Aaron Magcalas.  We live a simple life

Q2.  Can you tell me more about your son? 

A2.  My son Dustine Aaron Magcalas is diagnosed with cri du chat syndrome, he is seven years old. 


Q3. Can you tell me about doctor appointments or therapies?  

A3.  Im sorry we don’t have any doctors appointment or therapies right now but we are trying our best to get some therapies, we are looking for some foundation that can help us to do the therapies.

Q4. Tell me a success story.

A4.  At first my Aaron don’t have a sound even when he cried, there was no sounds.  We also fed him in a tube when he was a baby but now after a long time waiting he can talk a little like papa, dada, tata and he can stand alone without holding him. I’m so happy that even without therapies he is improving.

Q5. Is there anything else you would like the world to know?

A5.  I would like  the world to know that at first its not easy to accept what we are having right now and its really to hard to have a child who has special needs but even with the lack of financial help, I’m so grateful because my baby is a fighter.  He survived and he is improving with the help of our Good Lord…


Thank you Maricris for taking the time to answer my questions, all the way from the Philippines.  It is amazing how a syndrome, has made families from all over the world become an extended family… 

And I am sure I speak for all the people who will read this when I say, “great work on working with your son and not giving up on him, it’s so exciting to hear that he is improving because of you regardless of the fact that he is not receiving therapies.  You are an amazing mom!”

Anyone reading from the Philippines, if you know of any foundations that could help Maricris get therapies, please let me know and I will give her the information. 

4 thoughts on “Interview with Maricris – let’s meet Dustine Aaron

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  2. So sweet to see this story. So glad that he is growing and maturing. Will keep you in my prayers to find the funding to provide the therapies that can make such a big difference for Dustine.

  3. i’m proud of the family for working so hard to help Dustine and I’m happy for the progress he’s made. I’m hopeful that they will find the funding they need to support the therapies he needs.

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