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Interview with Nancy – Let’s meet John!

Today, we meet John while chatting with his mom Nancy!

Hi Nancy, let’s talk about John!

A: “John was born in Germany at 36 weighs and weighed 5.1lbs. During my pregnancy I had an amnio test done and we were told that we were expecting a perfectly healthy baby girl. When he was born they gave him 24 hours to live. When he was 5 months old we moved to California, according to doctors he was going to pass away and it was best if he did so in a place where we had family support. He spent 3 months in the hospital, 2 of those weeks in a coma. He was discharged with a trach and a g tube.

When he was a year old he suffered a double stroke. He spent 13 days in a coma. I was told that he would never wake up and if he did he would be a vegetable.”

Wow, that’s a lot of time in hospitals and many statements from doctors stating how short John’s life was going to be. 

Can you tell me more about your doctors?

A: “We have had doctors who are genuinely concerned for him and want to help him. We’ve also came across doctors who do the bare minimum. He had a PT who was absolutely amazing. She pushed john to new levels. After only a couple of month john was mobile using a walker.”


At this time, our conversation got quiet… I learned later that John was in the hospital which is why Nancy got sidetracked…..

It’s never easy… It’s a journey!! 


John is now 5 years old and has a FB page 

John’s page
Anything in conclusion?

A: “They said he would be a vegetable and last year he started standing.”
 Way to go John!  You keep showing them!!!

5 thoughts on “Interview with Nancy – Let’s meet John!

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  2. Love it when these children prove the experts wrong. Sweet little guy and so much hope for him. Thanks for telling us your story.

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