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What if we didn’t have Emily?

We all do it. 

What if I didn’t do this?  What if I had done that?  

What if we didn’t have Emily?

I would have gone back to school and get a degree… And another… And another one. 

I’m learner!

I would have collected promotions and experiences and probably put in for a transfer oversea.  

I would have seen other parts of the world. 

I would have been sleeping at night. 

My pay check would be earmarked for my bills and my personal purchases…  Oh the wardrobe I would have!

Sounds delightful right?


My workaholic career driven mind might have made me delayed having a baby. 

My husband might not be my husband… 

My friends might not be my friends.  Sure, I would have other friends but…


I love my friends

I love my husband

I didn’t go back to University… But that doesn’t mean I didn’t learn anything. 

I’ve learn many things, I just don’t have diplomas to show for it. 

I went to the school of life, the school where you are thrown right into it and you either drown or learn to swim. 

I learned to swim. 

I learned about many medical professions, some of which I didn’t really know anything about. 

I learned about therapies. 

I learned about slowing down. 

I learned about celebrating success that are not measured by society but rather measured on personal accomplishment. 

The learner in me is happy 🙂

I married an awesome guy who is also an awesome dad. He has flaws but so do I.  (I’ll deny ever admitting that)

My husband makes me happy. 

Because I married a great guy, I’ve been able to build a name for myself and although we still haven’t left Canada… I have a career. 

I love what I do.  My career challenges me and makes me happy. 

If we didn’t have Emily, my life would be different. I would probably be happy but I wouldn’t be this happy. 

Emily has taught me so much. 

She’s my hero. 

If we didn’t have Emily…

We would never had put a kiddy pool on our deck and I wouldn’t have seen this…

I can’t imagine not having this memory!!!

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