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You know what?

Emily and I have a little routine… I believe it started years ago…

Before she could talk

I recall doing both voices 

Me: “Em, you know what?”

Emily: “You love me?”

Me: “Yes! (Smiling) but you know what else?”

Emily: “You adore me?”

Me: “Yes!!!”

At that point it’s a shower of kisses followed by tickles and giggles. 

We have another one where I give her hints to tell me I’m awesome. 

It normally works

But the last time I did that, I said “so, that makes me a…..?”

Emily said: “Genius!”

There you have it. I’m a genius!

And perfect!. 



5 thoughts on “You know what?

  1. I tell my son “I love you” and he responds with “I love you 2” (as when he was little he didn’t grasp the two, too difference) and so I would go “I love you 3” and he finishes with “I love you 4”

    There are times I would sign to him “I love you” and he’d hold up “2” fingers.

    And, now that he’s older, there are times as we are running our separate ways I’ll shout over “I love you” and I hear back “2”

    I’ll take the shorthand! And I love hearing about the little routines we all have – there is such joy and love in them!

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