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Run for the cure

Today is our 16th wedding anniversary and Emily’s christening anniversary.

So, a month or so ago, I signed Emily and I for the CIBC Run for the cure as part of my work team.

I figured this would be something fun to do as a family. I helped Emily raised the amount she pledged and I did my own fundraising.

On Friday, we had a bake sale at work. I’m not a baker but tried my best.







As of this morning, we were just over the $4,000 mark. This is so awesome. I can’t wait to see what our final tally will be.


Tomorrow, oct 6th, will be the 15th anniversary of Emily’s diagnosis.

15 years ago, we were told Emily would never walk. Every single doctor and therapist we’ve met that first couple of years after her diagnosis continued to tell us she would never walk!

Emily was almost 3 when her physio therapist started to believe she might walk. She had a walker for a year before she started walking on her own.


Fast forward to today.

We could do a 1km or a 5km. Emily, Jon and I decided to do the 5km.


Just before the run started Emily had the best surprise ever. Wild Willie, our junior hockey team’s mascot showed-up.

Emily knows someone’s in the costume and she knew that this year was supposed to be a new person in the costume. She knew he wouldn’t recognized her like the previous Willie did. We’ve “known” him for 8 years or so, he comes to see her at the game and even showed up at her birthday party one year.

But something special happened today.



Emily’s favorite cat was the same as last year! And that means a lot of hugs and smiles and hand holdings.

They were both so happy to see each other that the big cat decided to join on our walk.

Yes, my girl has that kind of effect on people who have known her over the years.

She makes people around her, cheer for her and get inspired by her.

Around 1.5km in our walk, the beautiful fall day turned into pouring rain.

So much rain!


We made it to around 3km when Emily said her feet were wet and although I am sure our feline friend would have continued, I am guessing his fur was getting really heavy and he had to be thirsty.

We took a short cut to the finish line.

3km in the rain on uneven ground through the park for the girl who wasn’t supposed to walk is a really big achievement.

So to celebrate in style, I got her a medal.




Once home, we changed into dry clothes and ate Subway sandwiches.

Happy Anniversary to us!

I found the medal on the races for awareness website (they are on Facebook). Joanna helped me get the medal here within 2 days of contacting her as I wanted it here in time for today. The medal is awesome, if you ever need one, check them out.


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