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Sweet 16

Every year, as we approach Emily’s birthday, I unconsciously review what Emily has learned, her struggles and what she hasn’t learned yet.

This year, Emily turned 16…

Sweet 16!

Emily wanted a party! A big party!!!

Jon and I sat down and talked about it.

Emily was going to be 16!

Driver’s ed, licenses, car insurance, maybe her own car… Picking a college or university soon… On top of that add boys, alcohol and who knows what else…

All of those, were not going to happen.

So, we could throw ourselves a pity party or throw Emily a Sweet 16 party!

We picked the Sweet 16 party!!!

We rented the whole bowling alley, hired an awesome dj (Krysta Jay), ordered the perfect cake, invited almost everybody we knew, bought snacks and decorated the bowling alley!

Here are some pics!








I would love to share pictures of our guests but I didn’t get all their ok to do so but this still shows that we had a blast!

9 thoughts on “Sweet 16

  1. So wonderful. Like most things in life, we should celebrate what we can do and we what we do have rather than bemoan and complain about the things we lack and the events that don’t happen. Glad you did this for Emily. I’m sure she loved it and the smile shows it.

    • For years now I have been saying that one person can only control only themselves. So when faced with the option of complaining and throwing myself a pity party or throwing a big party…. Well I pick the big party. Much more fun!

  2. You can post pictures of Félix and I if you want. 😉 so so glad we flew out together, just me and my big boy. We had lots of fun at the party and the whole week we were there. Félix will always remember this trip for Emily’s sweet 16. Xx

  3. It was an amazing party and we all can be thankful for the beautiful children we do have. Emily is a beautiful young lady and I am so glad Myra has her for a friend .

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