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Pony tail

Me: Em, come on move faster little snail, wash your face than I’ll come fix your hair.

Emily: I fixed my hair already.


16 years 3 months and some days later….

Emily was practicing on her dolls but I had no idea she transferred the knowledge and skills to her own hair.

I am once again amazed and proud. 2014 has been so far a good life skills learning year for Emily and I will do my best to update you on all of those milestones who look so small and overdue to the outside world but you and I know, they are tremendous achievements in Emily’s world!

4 thoughts on “Pony tail

  1. What a great achievement. Every time Allie learns something knew I am both awed and amazed. I know that you are, too, with your Emily. What these children can accomplish should be humbling to those who find it easy.

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