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First high school meeting

October 4th 9:30am

A month and a day after the first day of high school…

We finally had our first school meeting to review Emily’s specialized education plan.

Jon came with me as I wanted him there in case it didn’t go the way I hoped. He is my rock.

So, yesterday morning we sat down and discuss:
1. Accommodation
2. Modification
3. Individualization

Yesterday I learned that there is a lunch club or best buddy program at the high school. On Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays, Emily is having lunch with grade 11 & 12 mentors and she’s talking with them. She apparently has quite an audience!

And a month later, I learn about it.

This was a 30 second item of discussion. I should have known about this already. Shouldn’t I?

We talked about some other things that are already happening and some that will be put in place.

Emily will help with the soup program and help with cleaning and straightening the cafeteria. She won’t mop the floor but will wipe the tables. I’m ok with that, I want her to learn some responsibilities.

She will take part of a social skills club which is a great opportunity for her and there was some talk about personal safety.

I mentioned that I was elected as part of the PSSC and that my main contribution would be on the exceptional students front. I briefly told her about the disappointments and struggle of Emily’s first day and she provided the explanation which I had figured out on my own.

She wasn’t at this school last year, wasn’t part of the transition plan meetings and so on.

Maybe I’m too harsh but…

In my work, I need to provide continuity if I am not there. When I transfer in or out, I care enough about the job I’m leaving to take upon myself to help my successor succeed.

I might be the exception but I believe that it is a reflection of who I am as a person and an employee.

I prepare for the person replacing me and a prepare for my new role.

I have moved within my company 3 times and could be moving again.

I expect the same of other people around me. I work with my team on building training manual and reference tools. I believe strongly in cross-training and documenting. I believe on making transitions as seamless as possible.


You got a new position? Congratulations.
How will you be sure you are ready on your first day?
If your work is impacting others, how will you provide continuity through a seamless transition?


My picture has nothing to do with my post except that the leaves are falling, it’s my favorite season of the year and regardless of everything that is or isn’t going on, I am happy because I decide to be. Look at Jake wanting to play soccer! That’s enough to make you smile too right?


3 thoughts on “First high school meeting

  1. it sounds like emily is in a school that will involve and engage her. i’m happy for this, and know that transitions/changes are harder for some people than others. my hope is that this will be a wonderful change for her. )

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