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15th Anniversary

Emily has to be the only kid with a Christening Anniversary 🙂


When I was little I didn’t dream of big wedding, I didn’t dream of wedding at all.

I didn’t daydream about getting a new last name.

This was never an objective in my life.

I was going to have a career and by the time I was 25, I would figure out how to have a baby, most likely on my own as I doubted I would ever find someone I would want to spend the rest of my life with.

The rest of my life when I was a teenager seemed to be way too long to plan to spend it with one person.


When I met Jonathan, I didn’t plan on spending the rest of my life with him.

We worked at the same place, him in the kitchen, me in the dining room.

My English was barely good enough to be a server, Jon had no French at all.


Conversation was not part of the original attraction.

We both had plans that didn’t include each other.

We both got caught off guard.


Oct.5th 1998

Jon and I married and Emily was christened.

Today is our anniversary!  All 3 of us are celebrating!

Emily has to be the only kid with a Christening Anniversary 🙂


By the time we got married, we had Emily, we owned our house (well, we owned the mortgage) and had a dog!

I married because it felt right, not because I had to.

I married without questioning how long forever was going to be.

So far, as of 10am this morning, it’s been 15 years of us being married.  Almost 17 years together.  By June 2014, I will have spent as much time living with my husband as I did living with my mom.  🙂

I love my husband even tough he drives me nuts!

There are so many things he does or doesn’t do that are getting on my nerves…

Will I leave him because of these things?  Maybe….

LOL!  He reads my blog so might as well play with him a little.

All those things that are driving me nuts are the things that attracted me at first.

He does things without thinking first.  He doesn’t care if the kitchen is a mess.  He is a night bird.  He spends money as if there is no tomorrow… and so much more!

I love him!

I think too much, I care too much about the little things that needs to be done, I make lists and stick them everywhere, I sleep at night and I save my money….  ok, that last one isn’t true.  I budget and make sure we can live a happy life and treat ourselves when we want to.

If we were both like me, life would be boring.  There is no way I would live with someone like me.  I have no idea why he is still with me.

From day one, our friends tried to keep us apart but somehow we are still together.

Our life has been stressful.  We have had all the reasons in the world to fall apart but we decided to pull it together.

The fact that we are so different has served us well over the years.  We ask different questions, we hear different answers, I take notes while he keeps talking.  He pushes issues and asks the difficult questions when I can’t.

He is my rock and I adore him although from time to time…  🙂

Happy Anniversary Honey!  I love you!

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9 thoughts on “15th Anniversary

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  2. What a beautiful wedding/christening picture. Happy anniversary to all of you. Wishing you many more blessed and happy years together. By the way, I truly believe that a successful marriage is as much about finding someone to fill in the blanks in our life as it is about finding someone with whom we share so much. Kathy and I share almost all of our dislikes and likes together. And yet, it other ways we are polar opposites. Her organizational system is files, mine is piles. She plans months ahead, I’m lucky to keep track of what I’m doing next week. Together, we have somehow made it work. And it is obvious that you, also, have found a way to make it work. Bless you all.

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