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I am in!!!

Today was and still is a good day!


I woke-up this morning!

I know, you are thinking we all wake-up in the morning…  Well some people don’t!  And considering some of my friends were worried yesterday about my potential mild-concussion…

I was extremely pleased to wake-up this morning and prove to the world that I am ok and that I only have a mild headache.

My blog broke the top 25 on Top Mommy Blog website!  25th on almost 4400 blogs!  I am amazed at that as I quite frankly never thought anyone would read me!


When I dropped Emily off at school, she told me that her and her morning EA (Educational Assistant) were reading my blog during first period.

Yesterday, they read first day of high school.  That could have made for an awkward moment but it went well.  Her EA asked me if it was ok for Emily to read my posts as she was all chocked-up while reading it.  🙂  I confirmed that Emily can read my posts.

I left school with a smile on my lips.

I like when people included in Emily’s life discover my blog!

I got to work and bought coffee for my team.

I tried to pass some of my happy feeling around!  There is nothing like free coffee first thing in the morning!

I worked, bought lunch at a local little Samosa shop where apparently some hot guy serves you!  It sounded like I was the last person to discover this place.  Food was delicious and the company was even better.

Tonight was the PSSC election!  I turned my application in a week or so ago.  I talked about it on my Meet the teacher Night post.  If you want to know a bit more about this, please look at my post PSSC info

I am a new mom at this school as it is Emily’s first year there.

I am also considered an outsider as we are not from here.

This was difficult for me, I don’t socialize with people I don’t know but I had to do this.

There were 4 positions open and 6 people applied.  Lucky me, only 2 out of 6 showed-up so…

I AM IN!!!

I don’t care that it was by default!

I have a position on the PSSC!

I have had a quick talk with the Chair and Secretary to let them know about my passion for Exceptional Students!

I will do this, I will make a difference!

So overall, today was an amazing day!

I still have a headache but I don’t care anymore!

I woke-up this morning, I have new blog readers, I broke top 25, bough coffee for my team, had a great lunch, got elected on the PSSC and it is fall, my favorite season, the time for cool breezes, pretty colors, apples and pumpkins!


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