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Meet the teacher night

Last night was meet the teacher night.

Although Emily is 15, she doesn’t stay home on her own and hubby had a previous engagement for the evening so Emily and I went to school last night to meet her 5 teachers for her first semester of high school.

If you have read my last post A new milestone, you know Emily doesn’t want me to talk to her teachers as it is embarrassing…

I discovered last night that this seems to apply to one teacher which she particularly likes.  I saw why in the 9 minutes we were in his classroom.  He captivated his audience where other teachers didn’t really.  He has this “teaching quality” you liked in your teacher when you were in school.  I think she might find him handsome too but she denies it.  🙂

So, last night we met the teachers and Emily guided me in between her classes which was nice as it showed me that she knows where her classes are.

It did help put my mind at ease (a little)  to see her navigate the school so easily and confidently.

I did something else last night before tackling the class visits.

I submitted my nomination to the PSSC (Parent School Support Committee)

If you’ve read my first day of high school post, you know I want to find a way to get involved at Emily’s new school so I am trying this.

From the PSSC’s website:

“The mission of the PSSC is to work with the principal to enhance student learning and development, and to enrich the educational experience of all children by increasing family and community involvement.”

Emphasis for me being the part about “all children”



Since way back when she started school to now in high school, she is my priority!

I did some digging and in reading more into it, here is what I found:  http://pssc.weebly.com/about-pssc.html

You can get involved in:

  • Communications – Ensuring we have regular flow of communications to and from our parent community.
  • Educational outcomes – Examining how the school performing in terms of educational outcomes and learning where the challenges and opportunities are.
  • Health and Wellness – Examining where and how we can improve health and wellness of students and staff.
  • Exceptional Students – Looking at doing the best job in accommodating those at our school with exceptional needs.
  • Career Day – A very popular program for students.
  • PSSC Teaching Excellence Award – Approved in the 2011/12 school year, this new initiative will recognize a BMHS teacher who has shown exceptional teaching skills through the year.

I admit, my priority is point 4 – Exceptional students – but I see a need for all the others.

In preparation for last night, I printed a nomination form, filled it, got my seconder (another parent from the school) to approve my nomination and I hand delivered it.

Elections will be this month.

Wish me luck!

If this doesn’t work, I will find another way to positively impact the life of the exceptional students population of Emily’s high school…  I will just need to find another way in!  I am not giving up on this!

On a side note, thank you for clicking on my top mommy blog picture, so far you’ve made me #1 in the special need section of the site and as of this morning, I broke the top 50 for the entire site!  Being on this website brings new traffic to my blog which helps me raise awareness for Emily’s syndrome!  Thanks again for your support and help!


7 thoughts on “Meet the teacher night

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  2. My boys don’t have any particular special needs, but feel it is my duty to be involved. My professionnal work load gives me the flexability to be involved.

    I have been on the CA (conseil d’administration) of the day care (Centre de la Petite Enfance) for 2 years, going on another 2 years until Julien is in school.

    Last week I was also voted to be on the school committee (Félix is in Kindergarten). This morning I left a message to the principal saying I wasn’t sure I had the time or energy, afterall, to be on the school committe AND the day care. Now I think I should stay.

    Bonne journée ma belle amie! Mel xx

  3. she has grown into such a lovely lady! I’m glad that you had a good meet the teacher night. Ours was last week, and Mr. T misheard part of it, so we were there early (sigh) and I didn’t want to wait for the Principal’s speech (boring), so we cheated and just hit up all his classes. I was up front with the teachers we ran into that I was cheating – and it was actually good as I got some one on one time to talk to them. Sorry this wasn’t supposed to be about me! 🙂 Good luck on the PSSC!!

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