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A new milestone

Emily: “Mom, don’t talk to my teacher.”

Me: “What was I supposed to do Em, he introduced himself and we chatted about you?”

Emily: “Stop embarrassing me”

Me: “I didn’t do anything embarrassing”

Emily: “Mom, you have dad!”

There was nothing to add at that point that wouldn’t embarrass her more than she was already.

So, now you know… Emily and I have officially reach the teenage years where mom is so embarrassing and it is so typical of a 15 year old that I can’t help but be happy about this.

As I was talking with her teacher, she walked at least 6 feet in front of us, completely ignoring us!

How amazing is that? From holding my hand to pretending I was not even there.

But, between you and me! Once she was with her EA, she did kiss me goodbye so I’m not “totally” embarrassing yet.

I’m just embarrassing when I talk to her (handsome) teacher… πŸ˜‰

My girl is growing up!

No more little girl for me!


7 thoughts on “A new milestone

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  2. Isn’t it marvelous when we see that our “special needs” children really do go through many of the same feelings and experiences that the “typical” child does. Allie (age 9 almost 10) is really fixated on boys. She’s in love with Ross Lynch, has many pictures of Prince Charming from the Brandy Cinderella (Paolo Montalban) and quite often, when we’re looking at pictures on the computer, she’ll give a handsome guy a kiss. Of course she also does this for Mike Wozowski from Monsters Inc.
    Allie gets very upset if we discuss her in her presence. Even when it’s something positive she doesn’t like it. I don’t know if she feels like we put her down or if she just feels uncomfortable.

    • Ross Lynch is quite popular here too. Him and Justin Bieber and the guys from One Direction. Emily doesn’t want us to listen to her conversation and doesn’t want us to tell story about her when she’s there. Regardless of the story. The blog is fine… Just no talking. πŸ™‚

  3. Oh how awesome! I love when they hit milestones like that! I told Mr. T the other day “I’ll try to not embarrass you.” and he looked at me like I was crazy and said “I don’t care, nothing you can do will embarrass me.” I almost took that as a challenge, but his heart was in the right place so I couldn’t!!

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