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Mom, trust me, I can do this!

This morning, as per most mornings, I helped Emily picked her outfit.

We picked jeans with some holes in them, her pink M&M I love NYC t-shirt and a lime green hoodie.

She looked really cute.

Once ready to go, she grabbed her orange jacket and a yellow & orange scarf.

It was cold out this morning. We had frost on the car and were just slightly above freezing level.

Emily was all set to go except for her footwear.

She was standing in front of her shoe rack, looking at her wedges but not doing anything.

She’s never worn heels at school. This was a big no-no in middle school. No heels, no fancy boots, no overly cute shoes because they stayed in the hall all day and could easily disappear.

High school is different. Emily gets to wear (all day) whatever shoes she picked in the morning.

So she’s been wearing her fancy boots a lot and really enjoying them.


But this morning, she wanted to wear these:


She got the ok from her back surgeon last spring. She’s done growing and her small curve in her spine hasn’t changed while she was growing so she’s ok.

She loves those shoes but rarely wears them.

When she does wear them its for a short time.

I reminded her about steps at school with no railing and tried to change her mind.

She looked at me and said: “mom, trust me, I can do this!”

That was my cue to stop nagging or worrying.

I raised an independent daughter who wants to make her own decision.

I am really proud of that accomplishment but still tried to change her mind one more time.

I got the look! So I said ok, go for it!

When I got home tonight, I asked her how was her day.

“My shoes were tiring… Tomorrow I wear flats!”

Thats when the voice inside my head said “mom 1 Emily 0”.

This time the life lesson was for Emily. Heels are pretty but hard to stand on and walk around all day. Flats are perfect for high school.

I am so glad she didn’t break her neck or an ankle to learn this!

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4 thoughts on “Mom, trust me, I can do this!

  1. Good lesson! And it’s not just Emily that has to learn lessons like that! I’ve given in and let Mr. T leave the house in something that he would regret – and done the victory dance in my head when I’ve been right! Is that wrong? 🙂

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