A new milestone

Emily: “Mom, don’t talk to my teacher.”

Me: “What was I supposed to do Em, he introduced himself and we chatted about you?”

Emily: “Stop embarrassing me”

Me: “I didn’t do anything embarrassing”

Emily: “Mom, you have dad!”

There was nothing to add at that point that wouldn’t embarrass her more than she was already.

So, now you know… Emily and I have officially reach the teenage years where mom is so embarrassing and it is so typical of a 15 year old that I can’t help but be happy about this.

As I was talking with her teacher, she walked at least 6 feet in front of us, completely ignoring us!

How amazing is that? From holding my hand to pretending I was not even there.

But, between you and me! Once she was with her EA, she did kiss me goodbye so I’m not “totally” embarrassing yet.

I’m just embarrassing when I talk to her (handsome) teacher… 😉

My girl is growing up!

No more little girl for me!