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I forgot Father’s Day!

Yesterday was my husband’s 15th Father’s Day

I didn’t do anything special! Not even a Facebook update….

So, honey, happy belated Father’s Day! You are the best guy I could have picked to have Emily with. You do lack patience from time to time but you know which pads to buy when I call you in a hurry because Emily used all the pads in a really short time. Not many man understand a text that says get orange pads!!! Over the years, when I changed job, you found us houses, daycares and schools. You are my rock and Emily’s hero!

So sorry I didn’t do anything for Father’s Day but I am not good at celebrating special days within the year… I don’t understand why once a year we have to acknowledge a father on Father’s day or a mother on Mother’s Day, love on Valentine and so on… I am not even a big fan of birthdays…

I want to acknowledge great parenting any day I want to or feel like it.

The only issue with that way of thinking is Emily.

Having Emily means that all those celebration and holidays now needs to be acknowledged.

Christmas is super important now! I do have to pretend Santa is bringing a gift… I buy all my gifts and wrap them as if my husband did :). I know, we are supposed to buy each other’s gifts but its more efficient and 100% satisfaction guaranteed to buy each our own.

I believe love should be celebrated every single day. Not just on February 14th.

I believe if I want something and have the money to get it, I should get it! No need to wait for my birthday. Same goes for my husband and daughter.

On Mother’s Day, I want hugs and kisses…

For Easter, I don’t want to plan an Easter egg hunt but I do!

I forgot Father’s Day this year!

I forgot to buy a card for Emily to give her dad and when I asked her to craft one she was all excited to tell me she had made flowers at school for her dad! She remembered!

The year Emily was born we gave Jon a lilac tree to plant on our property. That year I remembered even if I had to arrange to buy a tree from a hospital room as Emily was just born. We’ve moved so many times since that year that I am not sure how our lilac tree is doing.

Emily remembers all the holidays, special days and birthdays… She knows her Christening date as it is also our wedding anniversary. She knows the date she got every single one of her American Girl dolls, those are their birthdays.

She remembers when we forget! She makes us acknowledge and celebrate every occasion she can think of.

She made her dad happy today. Not with a big expensive gift but with paper flowers.


11 thoughts on “I forgot Father’s Day!

  1. Just curious, but if the father/hubby feels “plenty appreciated 365 days a year and could give two shits about Father’s Day”…why was this even an article/post?

  2. To Mr. Vincent. It is obvious that you have a bee in your bonnet. As a man, I know what kind of husband Pascale has and I’m sure, having read her blog, that she is appreciative on a daily basis and let’s him know how important he is to her and to Emily. I’d strongly suggest that you develop what my wife always calls a “generosity of spirit”. None of us are perfect. We all make mistakes on a daily basis. And I’m sure you do also. Do you want someone to react to your mistakes the way you did here? I’m willing to bet large sums that you’d be not only hurt but downright angry.

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  4. What side is you make up a bunch of excuses rather than taking responsibility for the b******* you pulled. That’s what probably hurts him the most. Did you try to make this up to him. The world revolves around complimenting and being nice to women but men rarely receive such a basic human necessity. Then when women forget they go the corporate BS route. You can find time to do the smallest thing for your husband but now you should find time to do the biggest you have no idea the sacrifices men make that you do not even care to see

    • That was an unexpected comment.

      What I thought I said in my post is that I prefer to celebrate my husband and daughter’s father on many days during the year, whenever I feel like it as opposed to restricting myself to do it once a year on a day my calendar says I have to.

      I also don’t expect recognition for being a mother on Mother’s Day.

      We celebrate our family by spending time together and doing things together.

      We don’t do anything special on Valentine’s day. We celebrate our love all year long.

      I apologize if this is upsetting to you but I can assure you that my husband is getting compliments, special attentions, recognitions and gifts on a regular basis and not because I have to but because I want to.

      Jon is an amazing man who takes care and spoil his wife and daughter and we spoil him too!

      Maybe that wasn’t clear in my post…

    • Hi husband here I feel plenty appreciated 365 days a year and could give two shits about Father’s Day all I need is to spend time with my Daughter and I’m good to go. I never feel like I’m sacrificing anything ( only thing I gave up is partying every night and I’m much too old for that )

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