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Is that a wool hat? In July???

Today is Emily’s 15th Birthday so tomorrow I will let you know what we did about that!!!

But for now, let’s go back to the 2003 Summer!

We just moved to New Brunswick, we found a house and are enjoying the summer while getting ready for Emily to start kindergarten in September.

One day we decided to walk along Main Street in St. Andrews by the Sea! We were visiting all the shops, making sure Emily was ok walking up and down steps, making sure she did not knock off fragile items in the multiple gift shops we were visiting.

Suddenly we walked in a really safe store! A wool store…. in the middle of the summer!


Nothing to break there!

Emily fell in love with a hat… A nice warm wool hat with a soft lining inside. Emily loved it so much that we bought it for her without really thinking about what she would do…

Well… She got a new hat and she was going to wear it… Regardless of the fact that it was July.

At first it was cute! After an hour or so of walking in full sun… I was worried she would have a heat stroke but there was no way she would take the hat off!

I can’t believe I don’t have a picture of her and that hat!!!  I must have one but it never got scanned!

She had lunch wearing the hat…. I forced her to drink more water than usual as I was trying to keep her hydrated… She got an ice cream cone and a Mr.Freeze…

That little 5 year old had a good day all the while keeping her hat on.

She must have been so hot under there… But there was no way she would take the hat off…




She saw a tiny yellow unicorn purse!!!




We traded the hat for a new purse!

And somehow, I don’t have a picture of the purse either.

I love my daughter and at only 5, she knew how to bargain and she definitely knew how to have a good time in July!!!

What did your kid picked-up from you without you even noticing?

Emily is stubborn like her parents!

She loves shopping, pretty clothes and funky shoes…. like me!!!

She also loves television, video game and computers…. like her dad!


3 thoughts on “Is that a wool hat? In July???

  1. OMG… I’m such a bad mommie… but I think my son picked up on almost EVERYTHING he knows without me noticing! Think that’s due to the social skills groups he’s attending. It just seems to sneak up on me every single time.

    • Emily has picked-up so much from us and from her Nana that it’s really funny… You can see us in her way of talking or standing. The good thing is that it’s not all bad things that she picked-up!!!

      • Yes, I notice that too…unfortunately, he hears me curse from time to time and he jumps on me and says, “You said a CURSE word!”… ugh.

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