My first negative comment

I knew it would happen at some point.

I figured my post about “The God emails” would be the one…

Than I thought maybe this one would do it : Segregation or Association of like minded people

But I never imagined it would be this one : I forgot father’s day

Yes, forgetting father’s day is bad but I truly thought my post was clear about the fact that I celebrate father’s day all year long.  I refuse to wait for my calendar to tell me it’s time to tell Jonathan he is awesome.

So back to my negative comment…

Because I moderate my comments from first time commenters, I could have just delete this comment today.

I didn’t….

I approved it.  I didn’t like it but I approved it than I replied to it.

I am not sure if this was spam or real and I don’t know if he will see my reply.

As my friend Sue said when I showed her the comment… “who peed in his cereals this morning?” 🙂  We will probably never know but I hope for his sake that one day he gets the recognition he so wants.

What about you?  Do you get negative comments on your blog?  Do you approve them or delete them?  Do you reply?

How do you handle negative comments?


I forgot Father’s Day!

Yesterday was my husband’s 15th Father’s Day

I didn’t do anything special! Not even a Facebook update….

So, honey, happy belated Father’s Day! You are the best guy I could have picked to have Emily with. You do lack patience from time to time but you know which pads to buy when I call you in a hurry because Emily used all the pads in a really short time. Not many man understand a text that says get orange pads!!! Over the years, when I changed job, you found us houses, daycares and schools. You are my rock and Emily’s hero!

So sorry I didn’t do anything for Father’s Day but I am not good at celebrating special days within the year… I don’t understand why once a year we have to acknowledge a father on Father’s day or a mother on Mother’s Day, love on Valentine and so on… I am not even a big fan of birthdays…

I want to acknowledge great parenting any day I want to or feel like it.

The only issue with that way of thinking is Emily.

Having Emily means that all those celebration and holidays now needs to be acknowledged.

Christmas is super important now! I do have to pretend Santa is bringing a gift… I buy all my gifts and wrap them as if my husband did :). I know, we are supposed to buy each other’s gifts but its more efficient and 100% satisfaction guaranteed to buy each our own.

I believe love should be celebrated every single day. Not just on February 14th.

I believe if I want something and have the money to get it, I should get it! No need to wait for my birthday. Same goes for my husband and daughter.

On Mother’s Day, I want hugs and kisses…

For Easter, I don’t want to plan an Easter egg hunt but I do!

I forgot Father’s Day this year!

I forgot to buy a card for Emily to give her dad and when I asked her to craft one she was all excited to tell me she had made flowers at school for her dad! She remembered!

The year Emily was born we gave Jon a lilac tree to plant on our property. That year I remembered even if I had to arrange to buy a tree from a hospital room as Emily was just born. We’ve moved so many times since that year that I am not sure how our lilac tree is doing.

Emily remembers all the holidays, special days and birthdays… She knows her Christening date as it is also our wedding anniversary. She knows the date she got every single one of her American Girl dolls, those are their birthdays.

She remembers when we forget! She makes us acknowledge and celebrate every occasion she can think of.

She made her dad happy today. Not with a big expensive gift but with paper flowers.