Emily and I went to see Smallfoot on Halloween night.

It was such a cute movie and I loved how the morale of the story was about perception. How both side thought the monsters were the other group.

Emily bought the movie soundtrack as soon as it was available and has been researching all the voice actors in the movie.

At cheer, she decided to tell her friends about the movie and how Channing Tatum voices the main Yeti character.

Emily’s friends didn’t understand her and I chose to let her try and explain herself differently. I didn’t jump in the conversation than I heard her say.

“You know, Channing Tatum, from Magic Mike!”

I heard it and just started laughing before I could ask her if I had heard her right. Than I asked her if she watched Magic Mike to which she answered something like no but I’ve heard you talk about it.


This is only a fragment of Emily’s story and I’m so glad to be a part of it!

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