Pancake variation

I love breakfast food… A couple of hours after I wake up.

I can’t eat right away when I wake up.

During the week, Emily has breakfast and I grab something later at work.

During the weekend or on days off, I make breakfast and Emily is up to trying anything I make!

My girl is the best at tasting food.

So yesterday we had the classic French toast.


And today, I tried a variation on the traditional pancakes following a post I saw on Facebook.


I used 3 cups of pancake mix and made 20 muffins 🙂

I used chocolate chips, nuts, seeds and coconuts as toppings.



12 minutes later I had this plate.


Pancakes – muffin size – various toppings and no maple syrup. They are yummy but I’m not sure we will try again.

Emily prefers her pancakes covered in maple syrup with a side of nutella, banana slices and whipped cream if available..

I think I’m with her on that.

What’s your favorite breakfast?