Emily started talking about going to see Cinderella during March break (first week of March). 

As March 13th arrived, my daughter had decided that we were no longer going to watch the movie.


Who knows….?  

I certainly don’t know and Emily didn’t give me any concrete reason why.

I blame this on her being a teenage girl.  She just changes her mind because she can change her mind…

Early last week, I got a Facebook message from the mom of one of Emily’s baseball teammate. 

Would Emily want to go see Cinderella with the girls?  

My poor girl is so not used to being invited to outings that she never knows how to react.   Yes…. No…. I don’t know!

So I said “yes of course, she would love too” and I took the conversation off line with her. Explaining how cool that would be. 

By the time Saturday afternoon arrived, Emily was excited and off we went. 

5 girls and their mom (and one dad… Emily’s dad of course).  

The movie was great!  

And for the second time ever, I wasn’t sitting next to my girl at the movie.  I didn’t see her reactions, I was sitting behind her and had to wait till after the movie to see if she liked it. 

She loved it!   

She loved the Frozen short movie. 

And on the way home she said… “Mom, you know…. Oh…. The alien?  It’s Sheldon!!!!” 

She’s right!

That preview was before the movie and she kept that information top of mind to tell us on our way home. 

That’s my girl!!! 

Slowly growing into a more independent young lady! 

Last 2013 outing to the Drive-in

The summer is done. We are well into fall season when we consider school started 3 week ago.

Most campgrounds end their season during Labor Day weekend.

Outdoor markets do the same.

Yesterday, Jon told me the drive-in was open for one last weekend and the movies are Emily friendly.

Sometime, the first movie is ok, the second not so much. Most times, Emily wouldn’t care for either movie…

But tonight!!! For $20 entrance fee we will see Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 & Grown Ups 2.

This is going to be fun!

We started by a stop to the best Root Beer place. Dinner at A&W

Then we stopped at the Bulk Barn to fill up on drinks and snacks.

And now, we are waiting for the sun to go down.
I remember loving the drive-in as a kid and really enjoying it as a teenager!

Back when I was a teenager, we had to use those big grey speakers… now, we just need to turn the radio on a specific channel. I like that, Pascale in the car, mosquitoes and black flies out of the car!!!

Most of the Drive-in are closed now.

The season for it is so short in our part of the world.

So, we try to do this as often as possible.

Emily loves it, she has the best spot in the vehicle.

Although tonight, it looks like she might have to share!

From our family to you! Have a lovely Friday night!