A to Z Challenge – Day 7 – G



This one was a surprise!  Emily sat down at the table and wrote away while I napped on the couch and try to will myself back to health.  The flu that hit Jonathan than myself has to be the strongest flu out there!  Lucky for us, we caught it early in Emily and the medication has saved her from the worst.

Emily’s love of giraffe is not new.

When Emily was 7, she wanted to move to Kenya.  She learned about Kenya in 1st grade and was fascinated by the landscape, the animals and the culture.

January 1998, we offer her the next best thing, a trip to Disney with a room at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  This is 9 year old Emily looking at wild animals from our balcony.

Disney Jan 2008 406

Following is what Emily wrote about giraffes.  I believe google helped her with this!

She told me some of the key words she wanted to write about and she wrote about them.

My big win on this post is definitely Emily’s printing!  Look at it!

When Emily was diagnosed with Cri du Chat Syndrome, we were told that she would do nothing.  Not walk, talk, recognized us or understand us.

We’ve worked with physiotherapist and occupational therapist for every milestone Emily has achieved.  We’ve learned how to work with her to help her grow and developed new skills.  Her printing above is such a big win!!!


A to Z Challenge 2016 – Lessons from my Daughter (PR) #914


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Find more about about Cri du Chat syndrome at 5p- Society

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Halloween – Costume #1

I have a favorite Halloween. 

Emily was 4 and just started to walk. 

I was so excited…  I wanted to videotape her trick or treating but couldn’t figure out our camcorder. 

Apparently, it was the lense cover….  Just the lense cover. 

Here she is… My tiny 4 years old. 

This year, costume #1 was Merida. Minus the bow and arrow as those don’t belong to school.  
I was the professor from Hogwarts. 

Tomorrow morning, she’s planning on being a giraffe while going to cheer practice (we will add leggings)

We are also bringing cupcakes!  

Tomorrow night…. Well, I don’t know yet.

Happy Halloween!