Halloween – Costume #1

I have a favorite Halloween. 

Emily was 4 and just started to walk. 

I was so excited…  I wanted to videotape her trick or treating but couldn’t figure out our camcorder. 

Apparently, it was the lense cover….  Just the lense cover. 

Here she is… My tiny 4 years old. 

This year, costume #1 was Merida. Minus the bow and arrow as those don’t belong to school.  
I was the professor from Hogwarts. 

Tomorrow morning, she’s planning on being a giraffe while going to cheer practice (we will add leggings)

We are also bringing cupcakes!  

Tomorrow night…. Well, I don’t know yet.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween costumes

They are are!

Yes, I said they!

Costumes, with a “s”

For many years now, I’ve been ordering Emily’s Halloween costumes on-line as everything in store that fits her is a sexy something. Mostly witches.

This year, she looked at the Frozen costume which wasn’t great quality. She also wants to win some costume contest at school so the Frozen queen is probably not the way to go.

Here are the final top 3


She didn’t want to listen to me saying the Flash was a little too sexy.

We thought the Angry bird would speak to the age group.

And the giraffe with a pair of brown leggings would look so cute.

The costumes arrived this morning and it just happened that I’m off today so here is our impromptu fashion show.

Please tell me which one you think she should wear to school on October 31st!!!